Prof. Dr. Rafia Tafweez
MBBS. M.Phil
Chairperson Department of Anatomy & Histology

Brief History and Introduction

 The Department of Anatomy being an integral and basic unit of the university is as old as King Edward Medical Collage, Lahore itself, being established in 1860. After construction of Farid Kot Block, in 1882, Anatomy Department was immediately shifted therein.


Many illustrious Professors, who have been the real architects of King Edward Medical College, Lahore have headed this Departments  From 1947, Prof. M. A. Siddqui, Prof. Fakhar-ud-Din, Prof. M. Afzal, Prof. M. Tahir, Prof. T.S. Abidi, Prof. Naseem Feroze, Prof. Atiya Khalid are some of the incumbents to the chair of Anatomy. Prof. T.S. Abidi was pioneer in starting Postgraduate Degree in the subject of Anatomy On acquiring the status of University in Dec. 2006 and launch of Ph.D. Program in 2010 Anatomy Department actively got involved in imparting knowledge to the Postgraduate students of M.D/M.S/MDS, M. Phil & Ph. D students of various disciplines.


Building of Anatomy Department

At present the department is headed by Prof. Dr. Raafea Tafweez. All the staff members are actively involved in teaching MBBS, BDS, DPT (Physiotherapy) and Allied Health Sciences in addition to conducting research. In year 2011, twelve candidates are doing M. Phil and two are doing Ph.D in Anatomy.

Faculty Members

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification

    1 Prof. Dr. Raafea Tafweez     Professor, MBBS, M.Phil (Anatomy)
      Dr. Nabila Kaukab    Asociate Professor, MBBS.,M.Phil. (Anatomy)
      Dr. Nadia Tazeen      Associate Professor, MBBS. M.Phil. (Anatomy)
    Dr. Samina Shaheen 
    Assistant Professor, MBBS. M.Phil. (Anatomy)
      Dr. Iqbal Nasir   Assistant Professor, MBBS. M.Phil. (Anatomy)
      Dr. Muhammad Faseeh Nisar   Assistant Professor, MBBS. M.Phil. (Anatomy)
    Dr. Zahra Haider 
       Assistant Professor, MBBS. M.Phil. (Anatomy)
      Dr. Muhammad Yasoob Ali  Assistant Professor, MBBS. M.Phil. (Anatomy)
    Dr. Muhammad Javed Aslam 
    APMO, MBBS. M. Phil.(Haematology)
    Dr. Muhammad Akhtar
    APMO, MBBS, M. Phil (Part I)
      Dr. Izhar Ahmad  APMO, MBBS, M. Phil (Part I)
      Dr. Lubna Shah  APMO, MBBS, M. Phil (Part I)
      Dr. Syed Muhammad Samee  APMO, MBBS, M. Phil (Part I)
    Dr. Jalal ud Din Gohar
    Senior Demonstrator, MBBS. M.Phil (Part I)
      Dr. Iqbal Javed    Senior Demonstrator, MBBS. M.Phil (Part I)
      Dr. Sohail Ahmad  Senior Demonstrator, MBBS. M.Phil (Part I)
      Dr. Saima Shahbaz  Demonstrator, MBBS. M.Phil (Part I)
      Dr. Shaista Ali  Demonstrator, MBBS. M.Phil (Part I)
      Dr. Nadia Haq  Demonstrator, MBBS.
      Dr. Ali S. Farooq Sh Demonstrator, MBBS.
      Dr. Sarah Khan Demonstrator, MBBS.
    Dr. Adila Iqbal 
    Demonstrator, MBBS.
      Dr. Sadia Saqib  Demonstrator, MBBS.
    Namrah Iftikhar
    Demonstrator, MBBS.


    We have a vast Dissection Hall equipped with all the necessities for undergraduate and postgraduate training. Mortuary & Embalming facilities and bone preparation modalities are so well established that they are catering for the needs of most of the medical colleges in Punjab.

    In the spacious lecture theatre of department medical knowledge is imparted to a class of 250 or more students through audio / visual aids. We have a well equipped Histology Laboratory with all the facilities for preparing stained slides and conducting general & special histology practical’s for the students of MBBS, BDS, DPT, and M.Phil Anatomy students. The facilities of this laboratory are also used for carrying out various research projects.

     In the year 2010, 270 Part I and 270 Part II students were trained and examined for MBBS 1st professional examination. 100 BDS and 90 physiotherapy students were trained in the subject of General and Gross Anatomy and Histology. Five students successfully completed M.Phil Part I and are now being trained for Part II. Two Students completed their final M. Phil in the subject of anatomy.
    List of Researchers doing Ph.D.

    • Prof. Dr. Raafea Tafweez
    • Dr. Nadia Tazeen
    • Dr. Iqbal Nasir

    List of Researchers doing M.Phil

    • Dr. Jalal Ul Din Gohar
    • Dr. Iqbal Javed
    • Dr. Syed Muhammad Samee
    • Dr. Suhail Ahmad
    • Dr. Muhammad Akhtar
    • Dr. Shaista Ali
    • Dr. Saima Shehbaz
    • Dr. Ayesha Intesar
    • Dr. Ashiq Hussain
    • Dr. Riasat Ali
    • Dr. Muhammad Jafar
    • Dr. Amjad Ali

    List of Academic Programme

    • Ph.D
    • FCPS
    • M.Phil
    • M.Phil leading to Ph.D

                Undergraduate Programme

    • MBBS.
    • BDS.
    • BSc. Physiotherapy
    • Nursing (Training Course)

    The academic programmers run by department of Anatomy KEMU.

    Profession Program Level

    No. of Students

    List of subjects taught in each program

    No. of hrs. taught in large class

    No. of Hrs. taught in small groups.

    No. of hrs. taught in each subject in practical

    MBBS Graduate Degree (1st Year)


    G. Anatomy,
    Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology,

    3 hrs/ week

    3 hrs/ week

    11 hrs /week

    MBBS Graduate Degree (2nd  Year)


    Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology,
    Neuro Anatomy

    4 hrs/ week

    4 hrs/ week

    10 hrs/ week

    BDS Graduate Degree


    G. Anatomy,
    Gross Anatomy of Head & Neck, Embryology, Histology,
    Neuro Anatomy

    3 hrs/ week

    2 hrs/ week

    2 hrs/ week

    BSC Allied Health Sciences


    G. Anatomy,
    Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology,
    Neuro Anatomy

    48 hrs in 02 week


    22 hrs in 02 week

    M. Phil (Masters)


    G. Anatomy,
    Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology,
    Neuro Anatomy


    24 hrs/ week

    12 hrs/ week

      1. Morphology of mouse tests exposed to spironolactone.

      2. Histomorphological changes in mico indonesian exposed to tamoxifen.

      3. Morphology of splincler of doldi.

      4. Histometry coronary artery in Human cadavers.

      5. Tamparation study’s of age related changes.

      6. A study of the coronary artery vareauec in local population.

      7. Protective effect of vit E on indomelhacin inclined gastric ulcers in micr.

      8. Morpho histological study of hypertrophied palatine tonsil in children.

      9. Histororphometeic analysis of zones of male human arlicular caehilage of knee joints.

      10. Age related morphological changes in minor salivary glamel.
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