Prof. Dr. Arif Rasheed Malik
MBBS(Pb.),DMJ(Pb.), M. Phil (Hematology)(Pb.),
FCPS (Forensic Medicine)

Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.

King Edward Medical University, Lahore.

Contact No.: 99211142


Prof. DR. Arif Rasheed Malik

The Department of Forensic Medicine, KEMU, is the center of Excellence in the country for the teaching, training and certification of Medico-legal work. It is one of its kind and a role model for development of other centers in the county at various teaching institutions. It is the only department whose trainees are serving all over the country in the specialty.

At present, the department is recognized for post graduate training and examination center like, DMJ, MCPS, M. Phil and FCPS both from PM&DC, Islamabad and CPSP, Karachi.

It is the only department in all over Punjab having capacity for storage of about 83 dead bodies

The first regular teacher in the department at KEMC was Prof. Nasib R. Awan. His continuous, persistent and untiring efforts led to up-gradation of the department from attaining the present status.

At the end of year 1983, the autopsy work for the District Lahore was authorized to Department of Forensic Medicine, KEMC.

In 1999 the responsibility of medico legal work done at A & E department Mayo Hospital, Lahore was also shifted to this department.

To have a good command over the subject of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology by the under & postgraduate students to prepare a comprehensive autopsy / medicolegal certificates with the help of application of principles of medical knowledge for purpose of law to assist investigating agencies to present cases under investigation in the court of law for furthering of justice.

Faculty Group Photo

Central Chair:                                 Prof. Dr. Arif Rasheed Malik(Chairman)

 Sitting Row (Left to Right):

 Dr. Raa’na Farrukh, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Ghani, Dr. Akmal Kareem, Dr. Syed Mudassir Hussain Shah,Dr. Riasat Ali, Dr. Noman Butt, Dr. Mansoora Mirza, Dr. Sumbal Ashraf.

Standing Row (Left to Right):

 Dr. Yahya Iftikhar, Dr. M. Ibrar Islam, Dr. Maryam Shahid, Dr. Sara Abbas

List of Faculty Members

Sr. #

Name Designation Qualification Contact Information


1.     Prof. Dr. Arif Rasheed Malik Chairman MBBS (Pb.), DMJ (Pb.)

M. Phil (Hematology) (Pb.),
FCPS (Forensic Medicine)
2.     Dr. Syed MudassirHussain Associate Professor MBBS, DMJ
3.     Dr. Riasat Ali Assistant Professor MBBS, DMJ
4.     Dr. Ra’ana Farrukh Forensic Analyst MBBS

M. Phil (Chemical Pathology)

M. Phil (Forensic Medicine)
5.     Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Ghani APMO MBBS, DMJ
6.     Dr. Rafaqat Ali Sr. Demonstrator MBBS
7.     Dr. M. Akmal Kareem Demonstrator MBBS
8.     Dr. Noman Butt Demonstrator B. Sc, MBBS
9.     Dr. Mansoora Mirza Sr. Demonstrator B. Sc, MBBS
10.   Dr. Maryam Shahid Demonstrator MBBS
11.   Dr. Tooba Rani Demonstrator MBBS
12.   Dr. Yahya Iftikhar Demonstrator MBBS
13.   Dr. Sara Abbas Demonstrator MBBS
14.   Dr. Sumbal Ashraf Demonstrator MBBS
15.   Dr. M. Hamad Hassan Demonstrator MBBS
16.   Mr. Muhammad Shafi Medical Technologist B. Sc (Honor)

(M. Phil Scholar)

17.   Mr. Abid Saeed Medical Technologist M. Sc (Hematology)
(M.Phil Scholar)
18.   Mst. Nabeela Parveen Medical Technologist B. Sc (Honor)
19.   Mr. Aftab Azeem Artist / Modeler MFA, BFA (Honor)

(Graphic Design)


  1. Undergraduate Programs
    i-          MBBS, Allied health sciences
  2. Postgraduate Programs
    i-          FCPS
    ii-         M. Phil
    iii-        DMJ

iv-        MCPS

Postgraduate Students:

Name Designation Status of Research work Research Title
Dr. Ra’ana Farrukh

M. Phil

Forensic Analyst KEMU, Lahore. Research work completed. A study on autopsy hazards and risks among the autopsy personnel
Dr. Nasreen Riasat

M. Phil

Assistant Professor Research work completed. Postmortem interval estimation by Sturner’s equation based upon Potassium level in Vitreous humor (Research work completed)
Dr. Riasat Ali Assistant Professor Research work completed.

Thesis exam awaited.

Estimation of time since death from CSF electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium and Chloride) concentration
Name Designation Status of Research work Research Title
Dr. Nasreen Ishaq M.Phil Student

Associate prof.

Synopsis re-submitted for project evaluation Determination of Sex by Cheiloscopy as an aid to establish personal identity.
Dr. M. Iqbal Ghani M.Phil Student


. .
Name Designation Status of Research work Research Title
Dr. Noman Butt


M. Phil Student Synopsis submitted for approval to AS &R BOARD Estimation od stature of 4th year medical students of KEMU, Lahore from their hand length measurement by vernier caliper.
Dr. Mansoora Mirza


M. Phil Student Synopsis submitted for approval to AS &R BOARD Estimation of stature from Cranial sutures (coronal & sagittal).
Name Designation Status of Research work Research Title
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali M. Phil Student Synopsis re-submitted for project evaluation Pattern of Fusion of Skull Vault Sutures (Coronal, Sagittal & Lambdoid) to Determine Age
Dr. Arshad Masood M. Phil Student .
Dr. Rafaqat Ali MCPS trainee Training almost completed .
  • Incidence of poisoning by Aluminum Phosphide.
  • Determination of A/M & P/M nature of injuries by Biochemical methods & enzyme Histochemistry.

The department is working on to get Gas chromatography, Tissue Frozen section facilities.

The Department is working on to prepare Laboratory Manual for both under & postgraduate trainee.

A generator facility is highly needed to run cold storage in case of breakdown of electricity

Entrance from University

Autopsy Lab.

Lecture Theater

Biological Lab.

Histopathology Lab.

Analytical Lab.


Cold Storage