Prof. Akmal Laeeq Chishti

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Chairman & Professor
Department of Paediatrics
Contact Number: 03008462500

Prof. Akmal Laeeq Chishti

King Edward Medical University houses the country’s premier Paediatric Department. It was established by Late Prof. S.M.K. Wasti in a small room in Outpatient Department of Mayo Hospital, Lahore, in 1948, and was shifted in 1950 to the Tetanus Ward of Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Prof. S.M.K. Wasti assumed charge as its first professor in 1953. In 1956, the department of Paediatrics was shifted to new premises, which was constructed by donation from Rai Bahadur Amarnath in 1946. The department was expanded to a new block in 1982 with increased bed strength of 110. The construction of children’s Medical Specialty Block, which became operational in 2010, began in 1991, and housed Paediatric emergency, Neonatal and Paediatric ICU and specialties. A second Unit was created in 2004. The following professors have served it since the setting up of the department: Prof. S.M. Hanif (1970), Prof. Shaukat Raza Khan (1971- 1990), Prof. Tariq Iqbal Bhutta (1991-1997), Prof. Tahir Masood Ahmed (1998-2002), Prof. Ghazanfar Ali Sheikh (2003-2008). Prof. Muhammad Ashraf Sultan (2008-2013), Prof. Akmal Laeeq Chishti has been the head of Paediatric Unit-I since 2013, and is currently the Chairman of Paediatric Department.

  • To impart the quality education to the trainees, interns and students
  • To provide best care to patients by practicing evidence based medicine

First Row: R to L:Dr. Bushra Ahmad (WMO),Dr. Bushra Fatima(S.R), Dr. Adeel Riaz(S.R), Dr. M Faheem Afzal (A.P), D. M Ali (A.P), Prof. Akmal laeeq Chishti(Chairman Paeds), Dr. Tahir Javed (A.P), Dr. Khawja Amjad Hassan (A.P), Dr. Qazi Mumtaz (S.R), Dr. Waqar Mushtaq(M.O), Dr. Alam Khan (M.O)

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Prof. Akmal Laeeq Chishti Chairman / HOD MBBS;FCPS +92-42-37356987
Dr. Tahir Javed Assistant Prof. MBBS;FCPS +92-42-37356987
Dr. Khawaja Amjad Hassan Assistant Prof. MBBS;FCPS +92-42-37356987
Dr. Mohammad Ali Assistant Prof. MBBS;FCPS +92-42-37356987
Dr. Muhammad Faheem Afzal Assistant Prof. MBBS;FCPS +92-42-37356987
Dr. Bushra Fatima Senior Registrar MBBS;MCPS;FCPS +92-42-37356987
Dr. Qazi Mumtaz Senior Registrar MBBS;FCPS +92-42-37356987
Dr. Adeel Riaz Senior Registrar MBBS;FCPS +92-42-37356987
  • Ongoing series of CME workshops on “Helping Baby Breathing Initiative”
  • Master trainer workshop on “Integrated Management of Neonatal & Childhood Illness (IMNCI)
  • Basic Paediatric Intensive Care Course in collaboration with Aga Khan University, Karachi
  • TOACS for FCPS, MCPS, IMM, Paediatrics
  • Foreign Faculty Lecture on Immunization
  • Thalassemia Day with the children of Thalassemia
  • Guest Lectures on World Pneumonia day
  • Guest Lecture on Childhood Diabetes

Project Completed:

  • Comparison of salbutamol delivered by a metered dose inhaler with spacer versus nebulizer in asthmatic children presenting in Paediatric emergency section
  • Comparison of effectiveness of nebulization with 3% hypertonic saline vs. 0.9% saline among the children presenting in emergency with moderate to severe acute bronchiolitis
  • “Comparison of mean duration of Rota Virus diarrhea after administration of zinc sulphate versus control”
  • Frequency of neonates on exclusive breast feeding and comparison of the growth in terms of gain in length and weight of breast fed compared to formula fed infants
  • Etiology of Congenital Hypothyroidism, target height calculation in Lahore: Are we doing it right, Ovarian and Uterus volume from birth to puberty: A local norm leptin deficiency in severe obese children.
  • Latent tuberculosis infection in children


  • Effect of formulated Gluten free flour on the nutritional status of celiac patients.

J.Nutr.Ecol.Food.Res.2014, Vol 2, No.1

  • To determine the validity of hematological markers for diagnosis of neonatal sepsis
  • Chikungunya fever among children presenting with nonspecific febrile illness during an epidemic of dengue fever in Lahore, Pakistan (Merit Research Journal of Medicine & Medical Sciences)
  • Experience of Malaria in children; A field hospital study (Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal)

Current Projects:

  • WHO surveillance projects for sepsis, bacterial meningitis, pneumonia and rotavirus
  • Mean duration of Rota Virus diarrhea in children after admission of first dose of nitazoxanide
  • Comparison of Growth Parameters of Preterm Neonates with and without Zinc Supplementation
  • Comparison of oral versus intramuscular cobalamin for treatment of nutritional megaloblastic anemia
  • Comparison of safety of desferrioxamine with oral chelating agent deferasirox in Beta thalassemia major patients.
  • Frequency of complete EPI vaccination in patients coming to tertiary care OPD
  • Diagnostic Accuracy of modified TAL’s score in assessment of Hypoxemia in infants with Acute Bronchitis
  • Role of 4% Chlorhexidine in reducing the incidence of omphalitis and neonatal mortality when used on the umbilical cord of the newborn
  • Role of lactose enzyme in lactose intolerance’s lactose free formula
  • Specificity and sensitivity of USG in diagnosis of pneumonia in children.
  • Comparison of emollient therapy vs standard care in preterm and low birth weight neonates presenting in a tertiary care hospital
  • Role of home make CPAP in management of respiratory distress in neonates
  • Comparison of serum bilirubin measurements by venous capillary and transcutaeous methods in neonates
  • Diagnostic accuracy of Acute Bacterial meningitis score in confirm cases of pneumococcal meningitis in children
  • Pulse oximetry in bronchiolitis continues vs intermittent
  • Association of Iron Deficiency Anemia With Febrile Seizures In Children Less Than 5 Years Of Age
  • Mean Time to Return to Normal Stool with Probiotic Lactobacillus GG versus Placebo during management of children presenting with Acute Watery Diarrhea
  • Prevalence and risk factors of neonatal candidemia
  • “Accuracy of the crib II for the prognosis of severely ill preterm neonates
  • Comparison between single dose oral dexamethasone versus oral prednisolone therapy in acute pediatric asthma
  • Efficacy of 0.9% saline versus 0.45% saline in 5% dextrose water as a maintenance fluid therapy in children with acute central nervous system infections
  • Diagnostic accuracy of modified Centor score in confirmed cases of group a streptococcal acute pharyngitis in children of age 3-12 years
  • Frequency of UTI in children presenting with fever without fever under 5 years age
  • Risk factors associated with morbidity in pattern of Acute Bacterial Meningitis
  • Role of neuro imaging in respected meningitis
  • comparison of efficacy of daily versus intermittent iron therapy in children with iron deficiency anemia
  • Retinopathy of prematurity
  • Establishment of Thalassemia Unit
  • Establishment of Paediatric Neurology
  • Completion of Paediatric Specialty block

The Ground floor of the department houses the Paediatric Emergency, Radiology, Pharmacy, Follow up Clinics including Asthma Clinic and Vaccination Clinics. The 1st floor of the block houses the Neonatology Unit, Diarrhea Unit and Isolation Section. On the 2nd floor there are Hematology and Oncology section, General Medical Section, and Paediatric Nephrology and Hemodialysis section. The 3rd floor has PICU, NNU, Endocrinology & Pulmonology sections. The 4th floor has been dedicated to Paediatric Infectious Diseases, EMG and EEG rooms, the Neurology section, and the cardiology section. The 5th floor houses the offices of Professor, Associate & Assistant Professors, audiovisual room, class room, conference room, computer lab, library, PCR Lab. The Neonatal Section of Lady Willingdon Hospital is also attached to Paediatrics Unit-1. Paediatric Pathology & Paediatric Radiology is under the supervision of Chairman & Professor of Paediatric Unit-1. The Laboratory consists of Microbiology, Hematology and Biochemistry sections. Paediatric Radiology provides routine X-Rays, ultrasound and Color Doppler ultrasound and portable Radiography services in critical areas like PICU and NICU.