Professor of Surgery , East Surgical Unit,

                             KEMU/Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Brief History & Introduction

The Unit was established when Mayo Hospital was built in 1871. This unit has been headed by famous surgeons. Now this unit is run by Prof. Dr. Haroon Rafi ul Islam. The unit has two Out Patient Department days in a week which is attended by the consultants, where on an average 150 patients are examined per day. The fourth and final year students attend the OPD as part of their clinical skill enhancing, training programs and are instructed on the patients. There are two full elective list per week which have on an average 20 to 25 cases. These operated upon by senior surgeons and trainees under direct supervision. The final year students attendthe operating sessions and are demonstrated the operative techniques.
The unit is on call in Accident and Emergency Department on a 4 to 1 Rota basis. Each call day we receive an average of 250 patients of which 30 patients undergo surgery under anesthesia. The student of third, fourth and final year MBBS are taught in the weekly lectures. These students attend the wards where they are instructed in the art of history taking and physical examination. The unit has an average of 12 house officers per rotations who are trained in basic and advanced life support, trauma care and emergency management and in pre and post operative care of surgical patient. There are twelve postgraduate students pursuing FCPS, MRCS and MS degrees. These students are trained on ward rounds, clinicopathological conferences, morbidity and mortality conferences journal club meetings alongwith the routine working of the ward. They are also supervised while performing minor and intermediate surgical procedures.
Faculty List
S.NO. NAME QUALIFICATION                               DESIGNATION


S.NO .                 NAME.                        QUALIFICATION                               DESIGNATION.

  1. Prof. Dr. Haroon Rafi ul Islam           FRCS (UK)                                            Professor of Surgery
  2. Dr. Khalid MasoodAlam                   FRCS (Glasgow)                                   Assistant Professor of Surgery
  3. Dr. AmeerAfzal                                  FCPS, MRCS, MS                               Assistant Professor of Surgery
  4. Dr. SomerMasood Malik                   FCPS, MRCS, MMED(Singapore)     Assistant Professor of Surgery

                                                             FICS, MCPS, Dip (MIS)

  1. Dr. NasirNaseem                                FRCS                                                    Senior Registrar
  2. Dr. Hafiz M. AsifMaqbool                MCPS, FCPS                                        Senior Registrar
  3. Dr. Tooba Mahmud Gauhar                FCPS, MRCS                                       Senior Registrar
  4. Dr. Muhammad ZafarMengal            MS (Gen. Surg.)                                   Senior Registrar
  5. Dr. MudassarRasool                            FRCS                                                   Senior Registrar



Group Photo of East Surgical Ward


    Sitting L to R:    Dr. Muhammad ZafarMengal, Dr. Ahmad FawadSyami, Dr. Hafiz Muhammad AsifMaqbool,
    Dr. Khalid MasoodAlam, Prof. Dr. Haroon Rafi ul Islam, Dr. AmeerAfzal,Dr. NasirNaseem,
    Dr. Tooba Mahmud Gauhar, Dr. Rizwan Khalid.
    Standing 1st Row: Dr. AbhishekChaudhry, Dr. Muhammad Irfan, Dr. Muhammad SinwanYounis, Dr. AsmaRafique ,
    Dr.AbiaFarooq, Dr. Sidra ParveenSyed,Dr. BhawanaBhatta, Dr. DevakiKhadka,Dr. MariyamAsif,
    Dr. AnumAkram, Dr. Syed Ahmad Bilal Bukhari,Dr. SagarRimal.
    Standing 2nd Row:Dr. SajidJatt, Dr. M. AsadIqbal, Dr. Haroon Ahmad Asghar, Dr. Aliullaha, Dr. MazharRafique,
    Dr. Muhammad Qayyum, Dr. Farog Mohsen SahehAbo Ali, Dr. Waqas Ali Shahid, Dr. Usman AliKamboh,
    Dr. Syed SajidHanifBukhari, Dr. Muhammad Faheem,Dr. Bilal Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Adeel Ahmad.
    Standing 3rd Row:Mr. MuhammadJavedIqbal, Dr. Muhammad TahirGhaffar, Dr. HafizShoaib Tariq, Dr. RizwanAslam,
    Dr. Muhammad Shahid,Dr. WaqarShakoor,Dr. NaveedIqbalAwan.

    List of Postgraduate Students
    1.Dr. Rizwan Khalid(Registrar)
    2.Dr. Ali Ullaha
    3.Dr. SagarRimal
    4.Dr. Muhammad AsadIqbal
    5.Dr. Muhammad Qayyum
    6.Dr. Syed Ahmad Bilal Bukhari
    7.Dr. Ghazanfar Ali
    8.Dr. Haroon Ahmad Asghar
    9.Dr. MazharRafique
    10.Dr. Muhammad Adeel Ahmad
    11.Dr. Sidra Parveen Syed
    12.Dr. Waqas Ali Shahid
    13.Dr. Syed SajidHanifBukhari
    14.Dr. Muhammad SinwanYounis
    15.Dr. Irfan Ahmad
    16.Dr. HaiderAyazHarl
    17.Dr. Muhammad TahirGhaffar
    18.Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan
    19.Dr. RafiaKousar
    20.Dr. SajidaParveen
    21.Dr. HafsaKafayat
    22.Dr. SadafGhulamRasool
    23.Dr. Farog Mohsen SalehAbo Ali

    • Teaching Programs
    • Name of Supervisors
    • Prof. Haroon Rafi ul Islam (FRCS), Professor of Surgery    
    • Dr. Khalid MasoodAlam (FRCS), Assistant Professor of Surgery
    • Dr. AmeerAfzal (MRCS, FCPS, MS), Assistant Professor of Surgery

    Postgraduate programs
    • MS           Total No. of Students: 13                 
    • FCPS       Total No. of Students: 10
    • MRCS                  NIL

    Undergraduate Programs

    • Total No. of House Officers - 31
    • Final Year MBBS – Total No. of Students per batch:  18
    • Fourth Year MBBS – Total No. of Students per batch:  10
    • Third Year MBBS – Total No. of Students per batch:  20

    Research Projects


  • Comparison of thyroid surgery with drain and without drain.
  • Incidence of Carcinoma in the Rt. side of the Colon.
  • Clinical presentation of hyperparathyroidism.
  • Clinical presentation of carcinoma thyroid.
  • Variations in the anatomy of nerves during the dissection of carcinoma breast.
  • Clinical presentation and causes of pancreatitis.
  • Different management options for corrosive intake.




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