Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Shaheen
FCPS in Neurosurgery,
MBBS – University of Karachi,

Prof. of Neurosurgery
Contact Number: 0300-9482620

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Shaheen

Established in 1966 by honorable late professor M. Bashir, the department has always been progressive. It is now chaired by Prof. M. Ashraf since 15.09.2012. Department consists of 40 bedded Neurosurgery ward, 6 bedded Neurosurgery ICU, elective operation theater and emergency operation theater. The bed occupancy is above 95%.Besides running regular outdoor and indoor service It is providing 24/7 neurosurgical emergency coverage supervised by a consultant Neurosurgeon. It is providing 3 days a week outdoor facility and 3 days a week elective operations. Treatment is free for all poor and deserving patients. The department is dealing with all sort of pediatric and adult neurosurgical problems related to brain and spine.

Our goals are to teach and facilitate medical students and post-graduate residents:

  1. To develop clinical skills including accurate and concise diagnosis, proficient surgical technique, excellent patient management, personal maturity, and a humanistic approach to patients.
  2. To instill a deep commitment to academic and research pursuits, including the ability to perform and analyze clinical and basic research, facilitating in writing and public speaking, with an emphasis on creativity and innovation
  3. To acquire a broad and deep knowledge of medicine and neurosurgery. We aim to train the future leaders in Neurosurgery.
  4. To provide state of art neurosurgical care and treatment to patients requiring surgical as well as nonsurgical management.

The KEMU Neurosurgery Residency Program provides each resident with progressive surgical and patient management responsibility commensurate with his/her level of experience and core competencies. By the end of our training program, residents will be well versed in the theoretical aspects of neurosurgery, be fully trained in the bedside care of neurosurgical patients, be proficient technical neurosurgeons, and be able to design, execute, and critically evaluate neurosurgical clinical, translational, and basic research.

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Prof. Dr.M.Ashraf Shaheen Professor FCPS in Neurosurgery 0300-9482620
Dr. Azam Niaz Assistant Prof. 03008442009
  1. Daily morning and evening rounds.
  2. Daily Case discussion in Hands on skills Lab regarding operative and post-operative management.
  3. Weekly short and long case discussions.
  4. Weekly topic presentation and Journal club presentation
  5. Weekly Neuro-radiology conference
  6. Bi-monthly rare case discussion in Neuroscience club, Lahore. Regular paper presentation in annual neurosurgical meeting
  7. Annual conference organized by Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons.
  1. Audit of cases of severe head injury at Mayo Hospital, Lahore from2012 to 2014.
  2. Surgical outcome with relation to intraoperative clevage plane and histology for         intramedullary spinal tumor.
  3. Role of anterior cervical decompression fusion and plating in patients with lower cervical caries spine.
  4. Neurological Outcome after elevation of depressed skull fracture in moderate head injury
  5. Neurological outcome of patients with lumber disc herniation after micro discectomy.
  6. Outcome of surgical intervention for cerebral contusion.
  7. Outcome of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in obstructive hydrocephalus.
  8. Neurological outcomes in patients with tethered cord syndrome after microsurgical detethering.
  9. Comparative study of surgical outcome of chronic subdural hemtomas treated with and without external drainage
  10. Nonsurgical management of outcome of epidural hematomas
  11. Rare case presentation:- Soft tissue intra abuttal ewing’s sarcoma
  12. Soft tissue intraorbital Ewing’s Sarcoma causing unilateral visual loss.
  1. New state of art Modular Operation Theater is under construction.
  2. Up gradation of Neurosurgical ICU with modern equipment (cardiac monitors, ICP monitors and Motorized beds).
  3. Joint venture with Anatomy department of KEMU for Neuroantomy and cadaveric dissection laboratory.
  4. Following neurosurgical equipment under procurement :
    • Spinal endoscope
    • Trans sphenoidal endoscope
    • Stereotactic frame
  1. Three days a week outdoor clinic
  2. Three days a week elective operations
  3. Round the clock neurosurgical emergencies
  4. 40 bedded Neurosurgical ward and 7 bedded Neurosurgical ICU with latest ventilators.
  5. Our operation theater is equipped with following state of art neurosurgical gadgets.
    • Latest operating microscope
    • Latest Neuro-endoscope
    • Ultrasonic surgical aspirator
    • Intra-operative nerve monitors
    • Microsurgical instruments