Brief History and Introduction

After the creation of Pakistan, the Department of Pathology was left with Khan Bahadur Yaqoob Khan, an Assistant Professor of Pathology who was later on promoted as Professor and Head of the Department. In addition Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan being a senior Demonstrator was later promoted as Assistant Professor. On transfer of Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan, Dr. Abdul Hameed Sheikh, Assistant Professor was promoted as Professor of Pathology, King Edward Medical College, Lahore in 1952. During the tenure of Prof.Abdul Hameed Sheikh, the department made a visible progress. Four additional posts of Assistant Professors were created one in each speciality of pathology making a total of five Assistant Professors in this department. Prof. Abdul Hameed Sheikh retired in 1968 and was succeeded by Prof. M.A. Farooki who retired in 1973 when Prof. Zafar ul Aziz became the Professor of Pathology. After the retirement of Prof. Zafar ul Aziz in 1983, the department was headed by Prof. Shamim Raza Bukhari. She worked until June 1985 when Prof. A.H.Nagi was posted to head this department. A second chair of professor of pathology was created in mid eighties. Prof.Tayyab , Prof. A. Hayee and Prof. G.R.Qureshi have been the incumbents of this post. Prof. I. A. Naveed took over as head of Pathology Department from Prof. A.H.Nagi in 1998 and served till March, 2006 followed by Prof. Muhmmad Muneer who has worked as Head of Department till Feb 2013. Prof. Dr. Samina Naeem has been working as Professor of Pathology since 2006 and currently she is Chairperson of the department. 

During 1980’s the department was partly refurnished including renovation of museum alongwith the furniture which was made of teakwood. The west verandah of the department had been converted into three laboratories. All the old equipment has been replaced with new multipurpose machines. The department has been defined into Microbiology, Chemical pathology, Histopathology and Haematology laboratories which are doing independent work.
The department imparts educational training to undergraduate students as well as postgraduate students in the following programs.

Postgraduate Programs

1. Ph.D. 
2. M.Phil leading to Ph.D 
3. FCPS Hematology 
4. FCPS Histopathology 
5. M.Phil Chemical Pathology 
6. M.Phil Hematology 
7. M.Phil Histopathology 
8. M.Phil Immunology 
9. M.Phil Microbiology / Virology 
10. Diploma in Clinical Pathology

Undergraduate Programs
1. 3rd Year MBBS 
2. 4th Year MBBS 
3. BDS.
4. B.Sc. Physiotherapy 
5. B. Sc Allied Health Sciences

  1. DR. SHAHIDA NIAZI Associate Professor MBBS, M.Phil

  2. DR. JALEES KHALID Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil

  3. DR. AHMED HAMEED Assistant Professor, MBBS, M.Phil, DCP.

  4. DR. DURRE SHAHWAR LONE Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil     

  5. DR. HUMAIRA RAFIQUE Assistant Professor, MBBS, M.Phil, FCPS.     

  6. DR. SHAHIDA RASOOL Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil.

  7. DR. AMBREEN HAMEED Assistant Professor, MBBS, FCPS

  8. DR. RAFIQ AHMAD SHAHID Assistant Professor, MBBS, M. Phil.

  9. DR. SAIRA NASIR RATHORE Assistant Professor, MBBS, FCPS

  10. DR. SOBIA ASHRAF Assistant Professor,  MBBS, FCPS

  11. DR. RIFFAT MAHBOOB Assistant Professor, PhD, M.Phil.

  12. DR. MUHAMMAD ANSAR Assistant Professor, PhD, M.Phil.

  13. DR. MAHMOOD SABA Assistant Professor, PhD, M.Phil.

  14. DR. HUMAIRA KAUSAR Assistant Professor, PhD, M.Phil.   




  18. DR. ZAHID MAHMOOD AKHTAR Senior Demonstrator, MBBS, FCPS

  19. DR. ALIYA MUZAFFAR Senior Demonstrator MBBS, M. Phil-I

  20. DR. ZAHID SABOOR KHAN Senior Demonstrator, MBBS

  21. DR. KHALIL-UR-REHMAN Senior Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-I

  22. DR. ZAHID ZIA Senior Demonstrator MBBS, M.Phil-I

  23. DR. UMER FAROOQ Senior Demonstrator, MBBS.

  24. DR. SAMINA QAMAR Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-I

  25. DR. SARA IQBAL CH Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-I

  26. DR. M. ASIF NAVEED Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-I

  27. DR. HAJRAH SYNDEED Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-I

  28. DR. RAFEEDA MAAB Demonstrator MBBS, M.Phil-I

  29. DR. QURAT-UL-AIN Demonstrator MBBS

  30.  DR. NASIR KARIM  Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-I



  33. DR. SHAHZAD AHMAD Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-I

  34. DR. MARYAM SHEIKH Demonstrator MBBS

  35. DR. MADIHA ARSHAD Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-I


Postgraduate Trainees:

  • DR. NADA SIKANDAR Postgraduate Trainee MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. YASMEEN BATOOL Postgraduate Trainee MBBS, FCPS – I 

  • DR. HAFIZ TARIQ RAFIQUE Postgraduate Trainee MBBS, FCPS – I

  • DR. QURAT-UL-AIN Postgraduate Trainee MBBS, FCPS – I

  • DR. SAFEENA SARFARAZ Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. ROMAISA NAEEM Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. AMMARAH SHARIF Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. GULZAIB PERVAIZ Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. SIDRA ASLAM RANA Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. HUMA SHEIKH Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. UMERA SALEEM Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. SARAH IKRAM Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, FCPS-I

  • DR. MEHWISH MUSTAFA Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. MUHAMMAD KALEEM KHAN Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. MUHAMMAD MAZHAR Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. SAIRA IMTIAZ Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. MUHAMMAD SHABBIR Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. GHAZIA FATIMA Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. M. BILAL PASHA Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. HUMA MUZAMMIL Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. DILSHAD AHMAD Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • DR. SIDRA SHAUKAR Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • MISS. SHAFAQ DASTGEER Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil -I

  • MISS. RIDA AHMAD Postgraduate Trainee, MBBS, M. Phil –I


Group Photograph of the Faculty of Pathology Department

Sitting Left to Right
Dr. Zahid Mahmood, Dr. Rafique Shahid, Dr. Jalees Khalid, Dr. Shahida Niazi, Prof. Dr. Samina Naeem, Dr. Ahmad Hameed, Dr. Ambreen Hameed, Dr. Humaira Rafique, Dr. Durre Shahwar.
Standing 1st Row Left to Right
Dr. Huma Sheikh, Dr. Sarah Ikram, Miss Rida Ahmad, Dr. Huma Muzammil, Dr. Rafeeda Maab, Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain, Dr. Gulzeb Pervaiz, Dr. Umera Saleem, Dr. Hajira Syndeed, Dr. Ammarah Shareef, Dr. Sheema Khan, Dr. Saira Nasir, Dr. Sobia Ashraf
Standing 2nd Row Left to Right
Dr. Umar Farooq, Dr. M. A. Tahir, Dr. Zahid Zia, Miss Shafaq, Dr. Anum, Dr. Ghazia, Dr. Mehwish, Dr. Raana Akhtar, Dr. Safina, Dr. Aliya Muzaffar, Dr. Sidra, Dr. Kanwal Saba, Dr. Sara Iqbal, Dr. Sidra Aslam, Dr. Javeria Masood, Dr. Madiha Arshad,
Standing 3rd Row Left to Right
Dr. Faisal Bashir, Dr. M. Asif Naveed, Dr. Saqib, Dr. Khali-ur-Rehman, Dr. Shabbir, Dr. Asad Ahmad, Dr. Dilshad, Dr. Bilal Pasha, Dr. Shahzad, Dr. Nasir Karim

Laboratory Services Provided by the Department

A large number of laboratory investigations, both specialized and routine, are carried out in the department for patient care as well as educational training. 

Histopathology section provides the service of FNAC and cytology in addition to tissue biopsies. It caters to a large no. of patients referred from various departments of Mayo hospital (General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Pediatric Surgery) and its affiliated hospitals including Lady Willingdon Hospital and Lady Aitchison Hospital. In the year 2012 the number of these tests done was 14,220.

Hematology section offers wide range of the facilities. Bone marrow aspiration and trephine biopsies and number of special stains are available for the diagnosis of various hematological diseases. Coagulation Studies include PT, APTT, Mixing Studies, Fibrinogen assay and FDPs. Bleeding time has been standardized in the laboratory and is performed by a doctor. CBC which is considered to be a routine test becomes a specialized investigation in our set up as majority of the cases are from oncology ward and cases with hematological disorders from medical and other wards. As a result all the peripheral blood smears are seen by the doctors in the section. Cell counts are being carried out on Sysmex KX 21. Numerous other investigations are done including RBC morphology, reticulocyte count, Coombs test, Osmotic Fragility, Heinz body test etc. The total number of tests performed in hematology section were 82,824 in the year 2012. 

Chemical pathology section offers a wide range of tests including Sugar, LFTs, Cardiac enzymes, Electrolytes, Lipid profile and HCV ELISA and numerous others. The laboratory is equipped for automation with instruments like Microlab, Beckman Coulter CX-Pro. The total number of various tests performed in year 2012 in this section were 87,720. 

Microbiology laboratory carries out culture sensitivity tests on various specimens like pus, sputum, throat swab, stool, HVS and fluids. Fluid examinations include CSF, ascitic, pleural, vitreous and pericardial fluids. Serological tests HBsAg, Widal test, RA factor, ANA, ASOT, RPR are also performed. Routine urine and stool examination are also done. Microbiology section performed a total of 30,060 different tests in the year 2012. 

Extension of facilities for other specialized tests is being planned. These include Hb electrophoresis, flowcytometry and Immunomarkers of biopsy specimens and hormone assay. 
PCR lab has been established in the department in 2009 for Influenza Surveillance Project of NIH in collaboration with CDC, USA. A program for diagnosis of various subtypes of Hepatitis (A, B, C, D, E) by ELIZA technique is also running in collaboration with NIH and USAID. Prof. Dr. Samina Naeem is the focal person for these projects.

Academic and Research Activities

The Department of Pathology has the honour of having arranged international and national conferences of Pakistan Association of Pathologists. Chairperson of Pathology department Prof. Dr. Samina Naeem is the President of Pakistan Society of Hematology. Under her kind and able supervision numerous national workshops and conferences of hematology and histopathology as well as various other subspecialties of pathology have also been held. The highlights were PAP Conference 2009 hosted by KEMU, PSH workshops were successfully held in 2009, 2011 and 2012 which immensely helped the PG trainees from all over Pakistan and duely appreciated by them.

Department of Hematology and Histopathology have been recognized as centres for FCPS training since 1988. Till 2012, 10 FCPS candidates from KEMU have been declared successful. Academic activities for postgraduate training include seminars, journal clubs and workshops in addition to the daily on hand practical training. Undergraduate teaching and training is done by the senior and junior faculty members in lectures and practical demonstrations.

Pathology department is blessed with a vast reservoir of scientific information and data. The faculty members and postgraduate students have availed the opportunity to regularly write research papers and dissertations. Another very important service that will be provided by the Pathology Department is to carry out the investigations required in the various research projects of the University.

Our Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud is well known for his dynamic and visionary qualities has launched the project of computer networking which will provide the facility of online investigation requests from the wards and their online reporting from the Pathology Labs. The Department will surely continue to make progress under his able guidance.

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