As old as Mayo Hospital itself, South Medical Ward is the unit-IV of departments of Medicine being, King Edward Medical University, Lahore.

Dr. Ambreen Butt
FCPS (Medicine)
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Samina Saeed
FCPS (Medicine)
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Shahid Hameed
FCPS (Medicine)
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Senior Registrars
Dr. Zahid Hussain Shah
Dr. Sohail Bashir Sulehria

Dr. Farooq Hanif


The unit handles medical emergency patients 36 hours a week and offers outpatient services twice a week.
The ward has two wings. Male wing has 20 beds extendable to 30. The female wing has 20 beds extendable up to 25. The ward offers multiple services, most of which are run on self help basis. From 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2013, up to 3500 patients were admitted and treated in the ward.


Our unit provides emergency services twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday 36 hours a week and every fourth Sunday.


Endoscopy section is providing facilities for Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP. From 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2013, 2586 patients underwent gastroscopy, 316 patients underwent colonoscopy, 13 patients had ERCP & 4 patients had sigmoidoscopy. Being the official unit for endoscopy, these services are available on minimal charges for all patients coming to Mayo Hospital.


Endoscopy section in Emergency Department is also providing services to patients coming to Emergency Department, Mayo Hospital, Lahore, round the clock. Trained senior resident of Gastroenterology is on duty to attend calls related to his specialty with facility to perform emergency endoscopy. During the period 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2013, 190 patients underwent Gastroscopy in emergency endoscopy section of South Medical Ward.


A well organized Hepatitis clinic is being run by a Specialist Gastroenterologist in OPD Block, Mayo Hospital, Lahore.


Intensive care unit has been set up with one ventilator, six beds and a free supply of emergency medicines & equipments.

It hosts state of the art academic facilities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At present, more than 40 postgraduate doctors for FCPS (Internal Medicine), FCPS (Gastroenterology), MD (Medicine) & MD (Gastroenterology) are completing their training in this unit as follows:


Sr. No. Name of Trainees

PGR (Gastroenterology)

 1. Dr.    Farooq Hanif
 2. Dr.    Abasesh
 3. Dr.    Barun Kumar
 4. Dr.    Salman Ansari
 5. Dr.    Sagheer Hussain
 6. Dr.    Shahid Munir
 7. Dr.    Rao M. Tariq
 8. Dr.    Mehreen Niazi
 9. Dr.    A.Rehman
 10. Dr.    Jamil Ahmad
 11. Dr.    Jibran
 12. Dr.    Osama Talat
 13. Dr.    Adnan Iqbal
 14. Dr.    Mamoona Ghias
 15. Dr.    Adeel Qamar
 16. Dr.    Kashif
 17. Dr.    Farrukh
 18. Dr.    Adnan Shahzad
 19. Dr.    Aslam
 20. Dr.    Hina Zamir

PGR (Medicine)

 1 Dr. Muzaffar Memon
 2 Dr. Maqsood
 3 Dr. Saima Idrees
 4 Dr. Rai Ijaz
 5 Dr. H. A. Ghaffar
 6 Dr. Tariq Naseem
 7 Dr. Shahbaz
 8 Dr. Athar
 9 Dr. Moazzam
 10 Dr. Saeed U. Khan
 11 Dr. Nasir
 12 Dr. Zubair
 13 Dr. Asma Nayyar
 14 Dr. Faiza
 15 Dr. Tayyab
 16 Dr. Sohaib
 17 Dr. Beenish Iqbal
 18 Dr. Ayesha Rehman
 19 Dr. Naeem
 20 Dr. Samana Kazmi
 21 Dr. Mah-e-Neema
 22 Dr. Rashid Ali
 23 Dr. Mohsin Ali
 24 Dr. Burhan

Following doctors passed FCPS Intermediate Module Examination in year 2013 & 2014

Dr. Rashid Ali Dr. Abasheesh Dr. Salman Ansari
Dr. Mohsin Ali Dr. Ayesha Rehman Dr. Shahbaz
Dr. Fehmina Dr. Farrukh Ghias Dr. Nasir Shah
Dr. Sagheer Ahmed Dr. Sohaib Dr. Saeed Ullah Khan
Dr. Jamil Ahmed Dr. Rao Tariq

Following doctor passed MRCP-I & II Examination in year 2013

  1. Dr. Rashid Ali
  2. Dr. Burhan
  3. Dr. Jibran Umar Ayub
  4. Dr. Shahbaz

Undergraduate Teaching Program:
Undergraduate students of 3rd, 4th and final year MBBS comes to our unit for bedside clinical teaching. They also have the opportunity to work and learn in OPD as well as A&E. They also observe advanced diagnostic procedures like endoscopy and intensive care.
Postgraduate teaching program:
Thrice a week morning class for trainees of internal medicine is part of academic schedule. Residents have opportunity to learn at Journal club meeting, clinic-pathological conference and mortality meeting.
Separate daily morning class for trainees of Gastroenterology is arranged with focus on collaborative learning based on adult learning principals. Monthly written and practical tests are routine in academic calendar.
1. Undergraduate Programs

a. 3rd Year MBBS
b. 4th Year MBBS
c. Final Year MBBS
d. 3rd Year BDS

2. Postgraduate Programs

b. MD

Training Courses / Workshops
South Medical Ward contributes to postgraduate education directly by organizing multiple intensive courses on yearly basis like Postgraduate Course in Gastroenterology / Hepatology & Annual Course on Diabetes Mellitus.
Internet Library
The research and academic setup of this ward is well reputed. We host our own LAN (local area network) with internet facility. All possible services are available related to data collection and interpretation. Our doctors are well versed with computers and make maximum use of the available services. Our library/reading room hosts access to maximum number of books and review articles on computer and internet.