Inter-University Contest for Roaming National STEM Exhibition

With reference to HEC Letter No. 10-1/A&C/HEC/2018/935 dated August 20, 2018, The higher Education Commission is planning an Inter-University Contest for Faculty to create (a) visually appealing, (b) engaging and hands-on, and (c) scientifically accurate and (d) intuitive STEM Exhibits that will become a part of Roaming National STEM Exhibition to be organized in provincial capitals across the country. Faculty may use already existing equipment and low-cost materials available at the University for the purpose.

Interested faculty members and students are requested to plan, design and create STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Exhibits that may be used to demonstrate a scientific principle or technological phenomenon in an appealing, simple and institutive manner that could be used as an Exhibit at a STEM Center or Museum before September 10, 2018 in the department of Medical Education.

 The Best exhibit may be nominated by the University for the National Competition.