KEMU Debates Competition, 2015

Students of KEMU from all the classes exhibited an amazing spirit while participating in Inter-Class Debates, assuring us that KEDS certainly has a very bright future ahead. Asians style format of debates was followed in Inter-class parliamentary debates with there being a rule of having at least one junior in each team so that the experienced speakers could efficiently train the young speakers.

A list of winners in each category of Intra-KEMU debates is provided below.

  • Urdu Parliamentary Debates:
    • Champions: ALIF BAY JEEM” (Ghumza, Huda, Rabia)
    • Runners Up: IQBAL KAY SHAHEEN” (M. Hamza, Arsalan, Jamal Awan)
  • English Parliamentary Debates:
    • Champions: NUTCRACKERS” (Tabish, Izza, Hamza)
    • Runners Up: THE JEDI” (Ahmed Rafay Afzal, Maryam, Ali Baloch)
  • Best Speakers Parliamentary Debates:
    • English: Izza Bazigh and Ahmed Rafay Afzal
    • Urdu: Ali Naveed Malghani
    • Emerging Speaker: Hamza Shahab
  • Best Emerging Teams:
    • Urdu: KEM-CLAN” (Taimoor Bajwa, Shahryar Naeem)
    • English: THE POWER PUFF GIRLS” (Fatima Rizwan, Dua Noor, Sumbul Liaqat)

In the Declamation arena, a healthy participation was seen from all the classes.

Following were the topics given for Inter-class declamation:

English serious

  1. With the stories of flesh and blood, eternal symphonies are made.
    2. Pakistan needs revolution.

English Humorous:

  1. This is KE.
    2. If I were Mr. President, I would…




Results of declamation competition were as follows:

  • Urdu Declamations:
  1. Khawaja Hassan Akhtar
  2. Muhammad Anas Tahir
  3. Huda Akhtar
  4. Hafsa Ishfaq (Consolation Prize)
  • English Declamations:
  1. Numra Urooj
  2. Ali Haider Jafry
  3. Fatima Ahmed
  4. Tehreem Raza (Consolation Prize)