KEMU Debating Society


Knolls and dells on the way to finalizing this year’s cabinet have gathered us some very lucrative potential in the form of excellent orators and brilliant minds. Not only were the veterans of KEMU-Debating-World were able to pull off a better record this year, but the new recruits were also witnessed to have been outdoing their predecessors, both at national and international levels.


The group photograph of cabinet of King Edward Debating Society, 2015

Before we embark on flaunting our accomplishments, we would like to pay gratitude to our worthy Patron-in-Chief and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Faisal Masood, for his continuous encouragement towards the thriving talent in Co-curricular activities in general and debating activities in particular.  Moreover, we believe the role of our worthy Staff President, Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam Khan (S.I.), for his kind support and benevolence; and our Staff Advisor, Dr. Saira Afzal, for her unconditional love and mentorship for the students, for always endorsing innovative ideas and for maintaining discipline in the society; and Dr. Ali Hashmi for being a role model and a charming personality; are worth mentioning.


Shaarif Bashir, the ever-competent leading-from-the-front president, left no stone unturned in carving for KEDS a path to resounding glories, be it the realm of improvement in society events, conducting unparalleled guiding camps or the art of keeping KEDS as a strongly-bonded family- he knows his job. Under his captaincy, KEDS has brought home big dreams and has achieved copiously.

Rumors have it that debaters are a bunch of dry unattractive people who know nothing but to fight over arguments. It’s a big NO to this conventional silly notion. As a member of KEDS, you see a whole new dimension of debating world full of fun, games, gossips, out station trips, widening friendship circles, conducting social events and the perks of transition from juniors to seniors, both phases having a characteristic plethora of pleasant memories and experiences of their own. All in all, KEDS is not just a society but a family bonded by strong sense of mutual respect and friendship. KEDS is certainly one of the most active and the most happening societies of not only KEMU but also of Pakistan where personal grooming of every member is given special attention.