King Edward Medical University will be a renowned national and world class academia maintaining a leading role in medical education, innovative research and provision of best health care services of international standards.


King Edward Medical University will prepare clinicians and allied health professionals in accordance with highest professional standards to practice evidence based medicine maintaining international quality of patient-centered care in health care delivery system and will produce research scholars demonstrating excellence in knowledge, skills, and empathetic values empowered with community oriented self-directed learning and professional development.

  • Develop and maintain outstanding programs for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and allied healthcare professionals.
  • Provide a conductive learning environment of international standards for education and research.
  • Conduct innovative and collaborative research and integrate this knowledge into the practice of medicine.
  • Attract and develop a diverse, talented academic workforce.
  • Observe and ensure the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and compassionate care.
  • Attain a position among top national universities listed by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and international world university rankings.
  • Create an encouraging and motivating learning environment for faculty, students and research scholars.
  • Acquire research oriented culture for evidence based professional practices.
  • Conduct high quality assessments and evaluations for academic excellence.
  • Encourage professional development by self –motivated and self-regulated lifelong learning in pursuit of knowledge and skill.
  • Strengthen a dynamic Quality Enhancement Cell inculcating the tradition of internal and external audits in its faculty, students and support staff.