The founding objectives that defined KEMCAANA as an educational, humanitarian, and charitable organization have produced a multitude of momentous and valuable projects. It is inspirational to see what a dedicated and generous membership of a great Alumni association can do to elevate its alma mater and help change the lives of so many in as many different ways. It is my hope that after exploring the scope of projects, the reader will be stimulated or inclined to participate in some if not all projects.

Information Technology Project

The information technology (IT) at KEMU is considered crown jewel project of KEMCAANA. The computer lab was established in 2002 in the biochemistry department with 10 computers. Today it houses more than 60 PCs with Servers. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is installed to avoid interruptions from load shedding. High speed internet access is available on all computers. Other services in this lab include laser printing, inkjet color printing, scanning and CD/DVD writing.  Over the course of years, 6 satellite computer labs have been established at North Surgical Ward (4 computers), North Medical Ward (2 computers), East Medical Ward (2 computers), Psychiatry Department (4 computers), Boys Hostel (10 Computers) and Girls hostel (10 Computers, named Alam Bashir Kohli Memorial Computer Lab).  In general, the main computer lab is a busy place. It is actively used by faculty and students. Free membership cards are issued to all KEMU and allied hospitals students and faculty members. In addition to its academic and research use, the lab provides students an opportunity to learn computer skills and receive training on computer programs, especially in the field of biostatistics and research methodology.  KEMCAANA computer lab is registered with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan’s (HEC) Digital Library Program. Students and doctors can access online journals, books and other resources from different web sites. Video conferencing facility has been set up at the King Edward Medical University with support from HEC. The COMPUTER LAB PROJECT was funded and is maintained by the donations of membership.

Scholarships Program

The scholarship program under the able leadership of Dr. Masood Akbar has been going very well. We have steadily increased the number of scholarships during past 17 years. We are currently awarding 166 scholarships to deserving students.

In 2001 KEMCAANA Scholarship Endowment Fund was started by an initial donation of $20,000.00 by Dr. Faiqa Qureshi to start Dr. Aftab Qureshi Memorial Scholarship. The donations have steadily increased and we are currently awarding 44 Endowment Fund Scholarships. A permanent Scholarship can be established after donating $10,000.00.

In September 2008, we started 15 scholarships under auspices of Adopt-a-student” Program. We thank Dr. Aisha Zafar for proposing this idea and making it a resounding success. Under this program you can adopt a deserving KEMU medical student for a mere $500.00/year, which will cover their tuition for the whole year. We will provide you the name and background of the student you will be adopting so you can communicate with them directly if you so desire.

In 2009, Dr. Bashir Chaudhary proposed the idea of THANKS Scholarships. This is a novel idea since this is geared primarily to pay for tuition for the students at KEMU. Drs. Bashir and Tesneem Chaudhary have worked very hard on this project. This year we are awarding THANKS Scholarships to 92 students at KEMU and the number is increasing steadily.

  1. KEMCAANA has established a KEMC Scholarship Fund, which would have 2 categories:

a) Need Based Scholarship

b) Talent Scholarship

2. The student must pass each exam to remain eligible for the scholarship.

3. KEMCAANA has appointed a standing committee to oversee the whole program. The members of the committee should be between five and seven consisting of interested individuals.  The term of membership would be staggered so that there is a continuity to oversee the operation in an orderly fashion.  Elected treasurer of KEMCAANA will be a permanent member.

4. A merit scholarship holder (a student who is receiving a government scholarship) would be eligible for the KEMCAANA Scholarship, however, if receiving PEEF Scholarship student would not be eligible for endowed scholarship but would still be eligible for THANKS Scholarship.

5. A permanent Scholarship can be established after donating $10,000.00. The scholarship would be started once the $10,000.00 are with KEMCAANA for one year.  The $10,000.00 donation could be accumulated up to a period of five years.  You may name the scholarship by donating $10,000.00; however, you can contribute any amount to the scholarship fund.

6. An initial contribution by Dr. Faiqa Qureshi in 2001 of $20,000.00 to start the Aftab Qureshi memorial scholarship led to initiation of Scholarship Program. The money would be overseen by the treasurer and invested in funds and adhered to the guidelines so that there is a regular stream of income and hopefully there will be some appreciation over the years so that the scholarship could be maintained perpetually.  The KEMCAANA investment committee would direct the investment.  We request all members of KEMCAANA alumni to contribute to the scholarship fund as their favorite charity.  Anybody can donate to this charity over his or her lifetime or friends and relative can donate after a person passes away in his or her memory.  Of course, all donations to the scholarship fund are tax deductible.

7. We may accept donations from physicians from other schools who can then name a student in their college to receive the scholarship. Other medical schools that have smaller alumni do not have the manpower in the United States to have a program like this at this point.

8. The money is distributed for the scholarship from the income and appreciation; however, the principal will not be touched so that the funds can be available for a long period of time in order to continue the scholarship on a perpetual basis.

9. The committee recommends that the most suitable source of donation for this scholarship is to name the fund as a beneficiary for the pension plan after death in which case you not only avoid income tax but also the probate (inheritance taxes).  We feel that it is not pleasant to talk about death; however, it is a fact of life.  Your donations are going to a worthy cause and sadaqa-I-jaira.

10. During one’s lifetime a donation of appreciated stocks and mutual funds is a tax-wise strategy.

It is 17th year of scholarship fund. We started providing scholarships for ten students and with the support of all of you we are now providing scholarships for 166 students.  Our next goal is to increase it to 200.  We are very appreciative of all the time, effort, and money provided by members of KEMCAANA. With your continued support I know we can achieve this goal.

Dr. Sajjad Hamdani Award of Excellence was created by his son, Mr. Jamal Hamdani, in 2010.  The recipient of Dr. Sajjad Hamdani Award will receive a grant of $7,000.00 to facilitate the travel for clinical skill testing and interviewing process for the residency programs in US.  A final year medical student or a fresh graduate from KEMU who have passed the final exam within past 12 months would be eligible to apply.  The applicant should be among the top 10 students of his class throughout his/her stay at KEMU.  The scores of greater than 90th percentile in USMLE part I are required to be considered for the Award.

Following the lead of Mr. Hamdani several KEMCAANA Members are donating generously to the Post-Graduate Scholarship/Loan Program.

Charitable Projects

For the last few years we have been providing life saving medicines to deserving patients at Mayo Hospital outpatients clinics through a directly monitored program.

KEMCAANA staff after consultation with specialists in the field have purchased medications in bulk for treating life threatening bronchial asthma, maintenance hormone therapy for breast cancer patients and medicines for patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses.

We have partnered with medical students through (Students patient welfare society – SPWS) to diligently deliver these medications.

KEMCAANA staff keeps the inventory of these medicines and your generous charitable donations are disbursed to the needy in the most efficient manner.

Now under the direction of President, KEMCAANA Dr. Ahmed Malik and on approval of the KEMCAANA EC we have decided to start an endowment fund for indigent patients medicines and treatment so that this activity is done in a predictable, systematic manner in the long term.

We sincerely look forward to your donations for the indigent patients endowment fund which will be managed at the same institution where KEMCAANA scholarship and other endowments are kept.

Please consider your donations including Zakat for this fund which will provide relief to the deserving sick at Mayo Hospital which now more than ever provide care to the under-served members of the Pakistani society.

Curriculum Reforms

KEMCAANA has been working with the KEMU administration for bringing the curriculum up to the expected International standards. In 2008, a seminar was held for this purpose at KEMU. KEMCAANA continues to engage in this process.

Other Projects
  • Visiting Faculty Program
  • KEMCAANA Doctor’s House
  • KEMCAANA Young Investigator Award
Future Projects
  • This is an important project that will need all members’ support to update their contact info on KEMCAANA’s data base on line. A dedicated effort by phone calls to collect this information may be needed. A strong database can lead to more effective communication and awareness of worthy projects.
  • As an organization we will require a lot of work focusing on several areas including: Organizational Structure, Governance, Policies, procedures, Values, Stake holder relationship management, Public relations, Quality assurance / Performance improvement, Compliance etc.
  • A special effort will be required to get KE affiliated with US Universities for formal / regular acceptance of KE students for doing electives.
Past Projects
  • Among many accomplishments of KEMCANNA, one of the most successful projects was the creation of the PGE fund in 1983 It started with one residency position per year for one best graduate in 1985, Unfortunately, the PGE program gradually suffered the impact of difficulties with visas after September 11, 2001. One by one all institutions withdrew from the program. While it lasted, over 100 physicians benefitted from it.
  • KEMCAANA Village Fund $120,000 were donated towards building of School in Bagh / Azad Kashmir in 2005 after the earth quake
  • Model Medical and Model Surgical Wards were established. Project included maintaining adequate medical records, following established guidelines for managing major illnesses, creating a Q&A process and, in addition, getting the house staff involved in research. Both were discontinued due to lack of funding