A grand ceremony of 13th convocation was presided over by the chancellor and Pro-Chancellor of KEMU

The 13th Convocation of the King Edward Medical University was held today.The grand ceremony was presided over by the Chancellor, Governor Punjab Mr. Muhammad Baligh ur Rahman as the Chief guest. Caretaker Provincial Health Minister, Pro-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Javed Akram was the Guest of Honor.
The event was attended by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ayyaz, Vice Chancellor Fatima Jinnah Medical University Prof. Dr. Khalid Masud Gondal, Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ijaz Hussain, Registrar Prof. Dr. Asghar Naqi, Deans, Faculty members, fresh graduates, and their parents.
Prof. Syed Asghar Naqi, Registrar KEMU, administered the oath of service to the fresh graduates, and Prof. Ahsan Nauman administered it to the postgraduates. The convocation saw the awarding of degrees to 418 students, including 319 MBBS graduates and 99 post-graduates in MS, MD, MPhil, and Diplomas. Notably, more than 23 medals were presented to outstanding postgraduate and MBBS students who secured top positions.
Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rahman and caretaker provincial health minister Prof. Dr. Javed Akram congratulated all the successful fresh graduates and distributed gold medals and degrees to outstanding students.
In his convocation address, Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz, Vice Chancellor of King Edward Medical University, highlighted the institution’s performance and various programs. He emphasized that King Edward Medical University, a historical and prestigious institution in South Asia, has consistently maintained its status as the country’s top merit university since its inception. Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz stressed that graduating from King Edward Medical University marks the beginning of one’s career.
As a doctor, Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz advised the graduates to prioritize serving humanity as the primary goal in their lives. He urged them not to compromise on good morals and character while pursuing knowledge. Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz emphasized the importance of earning not only worldly achievements but also the prayers of patients, aspiring to hold a special place in their hearts. He encouraged the graduates to fulfill their dreams wherever they go but emphasized the importance of unwavering dedication to serving their parents and country.
Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz also shared future plans, announcing the imminent establishment of the International Medical College under KEMU in the New Campus at Muridke Narowal Road. He expressed gratitude to the alumni of King Edward Medical University, highlighting their contributions. Additionally, he mentioned the establishment of endowment funds following the instructions of Governor Punjab.
Addressing the convocation participants, the caretaker provincial health minister, Prof. Javed Akram, emphasized the importance of having ambitious dreams for their realization. He stated that a doctor’s success is reflected in the prayers of their patients. Prof. Javed Akram expressed pride in being a Kemcolian and acknowledged that the collective success is indebted to the support of parents.
Advocating for a balanced life, Prof. Javed Akram highlighted the significance of today as a special day for fresh graduates. He urged parents to allow lady doctors to work after graduation, envisioning these graduates as buds spreading fragrance. Prof. Javed Akram prayed for Allah’s assistance in serving Pakistan in a true sense and extended congratulations to all successful fresh graduates and their parents.
The provincial health minister also noted the emphasis on quality research in medical institutions in Punjab. Aligning with the vision of Punjab’s caretaker Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi, efforts are underway to enhance health facilities for the people, as emphasized by the Provincial Health Minister.
Governor Punjab Muhammad Baligh ur Rahman lauded King Edward Medical University as a prominent educational institution that has consistently played a pivotal role in advancing medical education. Expressing gratitude to parents and teachers, he acknowledged the immense effort that students put into achieving success.
Emphasizing the importance of gratitude, Governor Muhammad Balighur Rahman cited Allah Almighty’s directive to be thankful, assuring that gratitude brings about more rewards. He encouraged a mindset of continuous improvement, drawing inspiration from the life of Hazrat Khadija R.A, a working woman whom the Prophet (PBUH) consistently supported in her business. Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rahman stressed the importance of performing every aspect of life with excellence and quoted the Holy Prophet (PBUH), stating that a believer’s day should surpass every past day. Highlighting the role of the institute in imparting knowledge and character building, Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rahman urged graduates to embrace modern sciences in their professional lives.
The Former Vice Chancellors Prof. Zafarullah Khan, Prof. Amir Zaman Khan, Prof. Qazi Muhammad Saeed, former Principal Prof. Mehmood Ali Malik, retired Professors, current medical Heads of institutions including Prof. Mukhtar Hasan Randhawa, Prof. Zahid Kamal, Prof. Ayesha Shaukat, Prof. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry, Prof. Tahrim Fatima, Prof. Imran Akram Sahaf, Prof. Latif Malik, Prof. Sadaqat Ali, Prof. I.A. Naveed, Prof. Yaqoob Qazi, Prof. Samina Naeem, Prof. Rana Arshad, heads of the Departments and many students, parents and prominent figures from different walks of life were present. At the conclusion, the Vice Chancellor presented the commemorative shield of the university to the Chief Guest, Governor Punjab Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman.