Prof. Dr. Nadia Khurshid
MBBS, MCPS, FCPS (ob-gyn)

Professor & HOD Obstetric & Gynaecology (Unit V) Lady Aitchison Hospital, Lahore

Supervisor and Examiner of Post-graduate Training Program.
Facilitator and Examiner of Under-graduate Medical Students.
Instructor of ALSO workshop.
Life time SOGP member.
Author of book, ‘Ob-Gyn MCQs’.
Editor and Author of Book, “Obstetrics in a minute”
22 Research Publication to date.

Dr. Nadia Khurshid


Lady Aitchison Hospital was established in 1887 exclusively for obstetrical care and childbirth. This hospital was named after Lady Aitchison, wife of the lieutenant-governor of Punjab Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison. Gynae Unit V is one of the two units established in Lady Aitchison Hospital, Lahore having 45 indoor beds. The unit caters to all kinds of obstetrical and gynaecological emergencies.

In addition to emergencies, it serves the masses in its outpatient department (OPD) where 250-300 patients are provided consultation on alternate days of the week along with performing minor OPD procedures as per requirement. The average daily childbirth rate varies from 15 to 30. The unit performs all kinds of elective and emergency surgeries on its allocated theatre days. In addition to the clinical work, the academic activities constitute an important part of the responsibilities of the teaching faculty.

This includes teaching, training, and evaluation of FCPS, MS trainees, MBBS students of KEMU and fresh graduates who are working as house surgeons here. The teaching program comprises of clinical rounds in all shifts, daily clinical meetings, journal club, case-based discussions, guest lecturers, skill demonstrations and monthly perinatal, maternal mortality and statistical meetings. Furthermore, the postgraduate trainees have their own set program of twice weekly academic sessions. In these sessions, trainees are making presentations in the presence of senior faculty and having feedback.

Currently, the unit has three teaching faculty members, seven senior registrars, thirty postgraduate trainees and eight house officers (the number varies). So far the unit had undertaken various research projects and had them successfully published. Unit V has a special interest in the patient safety program, Infertility management and minimal invasive surgery.


Objectives and Goals:

  • To provide educational and health care services to the community.
  • To practice safe gynaecological and obstetrical care and make it accessible to all women without compromising the quality
  • To provide a conducive learning environment for education and research.
  • To teach comprehensive ob-gyn skills as well as medical ethics to the junior doctors and developing them into high standard professionals.


Our vision is to establish patient centered care program and production of high quality professionals equipped with the pertinent knowledge, skills and attitude of lifelong learning.

List of Faculty Members
Prof. Dr. Nadia KhurshidProfessor / HODMBBS, MCPS, FCPS (ob-gyn)
Dr. Abida SajidAssociate Professor
Dr. Alia MasoodAssistant Professor
Dr. Mehwish AyyazSenior Registrar
Dr. Zubda AimenSenior Registrar
Dr. Samia JameelSenior Registrar
Dr. Shazia NoureenSenior Registrar
Dr. Sanam AhmedSenior Registrar
Dr. Hifza WaqarSenior Registrar
Dr. Amber SohailSenior Registrar
  • FCPS
  • MS
  • MBBS
  • Nurse midwifery

Our unit is fully recognized for training by PMDC, HEC, CPSP and RCOG.

Efficacy of MVA vs surgical curettage in spontaneous miscarriages.Approved
Frequency of sub clinical hypothyroidism in patients of PCOs in the OPD of  treasury care hospitalApproved.


Compersion of wound infection with ceftrixone and amoxicilline in post operative patients.Approved
Compersion of efficacy of nefididpine v/s MgSo4 in management of patients with pre trum labourApproved
Impect of sebcutanous suture on C. Section wound.Approved.
Frequency of increase serum ferty in patients presents with GDM.Approved.
Frequency of urinary tract infection in females with pre term labourApproved
Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound estimation of fetal weight at term in comparison to actual birth weight as gold standardApproved
Comparison of labetalol vs nifedipine in pre-eclamptic primi gravida female in terms of intrauterine growth rrstitction.Approved
Comparisan of PPH with prophylaxis of tranaxamic acid with or without of oxytocin in C.Section.Approved
Role of myinositol in prevention of GDMApproved
Comparison between sub cuticular vs three mattress suture in pfannensteil skin closure in Obst and Gyne procedure.Approved
Effect of pre operative oral carbohydrate rich drinks on breast feeding after C.Section.Approved
To study the efficacy of per rectal diclofenace sodium as pre emptive analgesia in relieving the post operative pain in major abdominal surgeries in gynae.Approved

Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Efficacy of MVA V/s surgical curettage in spontaneous miscarriages.
  • Frequency of sub clinical hypothyroidism in patients of PCOS in OPD of tertiary care hospital.
  • Comparison of efficacy of Nifedipine V/s MgSO4 in the management of patients with preterm labour.
  • Frequency of UTI in females with preterm labour.
  • Infertility clinic.
  • IUI Centre.
  • Minimal invasive surgery.
  • Skills lab.
  • Reading room/Library.
  • Class room.
  • Advanced ultrasound facility.
  • Gynaecological cancer screening program.
  • MVA
  • Family planning services.
  • Dental outpatient services.
  • Social welfare service through zakat/health card.
  • Preventive services including various vaccination programs