Professor Dr. Rakhshindah Bajwa
M.Phil (Histopathology)

Head of Department/Chairperson Pathology.

Professor Dr. Rakhshindah Bajwa

The Department of Pathology is a part of the prestigious institute, King Edward Medical University, Lahore. The department is well equipped with the facility to cater for training and research leading to higher qualifications such as M.Phil, FCPS and Ph.D. The Department is also conducting courses such as MLT, DPT and B.Sc OTT. Being an integral part of the University, this Department is centre of providing teaching and learning and research facilities in Pathological sciences.

The Department of Clinical Pathology is responsible for quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation of patient specimens, including tissue, blood, urine, and other body fluids. The Department of Clinical Pathology has been at the forefront of introducing new testing methods for clinical and research uses at Cleveland Clinic. In addition to providing an ever-expanding menu of tests available for clinical use, Educational activities are a key component of the departmental mission. The residency training program in Clinical Pathology provides exposure to a wide array of methodologies and interpretive issues that span the discipline, augmented by didactic sessions. Members of the department are also active on various KEMU research committees.

Active participation in Modification of new Curriculum has also been a shining feature of Pathology department.


  • Up- gradation of Pathology Department & Pathology lab by new and advanced equipment.
  • Flow Cytometer
  • Immunofluorescence microscopy
  • Tissue microarray
  • Lean Six Sigma Bar Coding System.

This will enable us to provide an efficient delivery system with more accurate diagnostics.

  • Development of a Standard Reference Laboratory having a well trained medical staff of certified Pathologists, Technicians and Phlebotomists
  • To participate in teaching & research programs of KEMU, making the department as a creative and innovative centre of excellence.


  1. To maintain the laboratory budget according to the approved budgetary allocation, while maintaining high standard and quality service.
  2. To improve consolidate approved structural changes for expansion of the pathology section.
  3. To continue to develop an awareness and monitor the appropriate laboratory utilization by medical staff.
  4. To maintain the accreditation standards of the College of American Pathologists.
  5. To upgrade the laboratory Information system to comply with the forthcoming new clinical information system and affect the electronic ordering system of laboratory investigation.

(Lean Six Sigma – KEMU project)

  1. To ensure efficient cost effective use of instrumentation and reagents within the laboratory and acquisition of the latest technology in accordance with standardization and technology procurement towards full laboratory automation where appropriate.
  2. To expand the molecular pathology laboratory.


Designation Qualification Contact Information



Dr. Shahida Niazi Associate Prof. MBBS, M.Phil 0300-9445164
Dr. Ambareen Hamid Associate Prof. MBBS, FCPS


Dr. Jalees Khalid Khan Assistant Prof. MBBS, M.Phil 0331-4054022
Dr. Ahmad Hameed Assistant Prof. MBBS, DCP M.Phil


Dr. Humera Rafiq Assistant Prof. MBBS, DCP M.Phil, FCPS


Dr. Rafiq Ahmad Shahid Assistant Prof. MBBS, M.Phil 0333-4769820
Dr. Shahida Parveen Assistant Prof. MBBS, M.Phil 0300-4233820
Dr. Zahid Mahmood Akhtar Assistant Prof. MBBS, FCPS


Dr. Fakeha Rehman Assistant Prof. MBBS, M.Phil 0322-7675946
Dr. Samreen Hameed Assistant Prof. MBBS, FCPS 0300-5544041
Dr. Rehma Dar Assistant Prof. MBBS, M.Phil 0323-4691588
Dr. Samina Qamar Assistant Prof. MBBS, FCPS 0346-4658931
Dr. Shahid Mahmood APMO MBBS


Dr. Raana Akhtar APWMO MBBS, M.Phil 0333-4433827
Dr. Sheema Khan APWMO MBBS, DICD, MCPS, M.Phil (Part-I) No. 0321-4992451
Dr. Khalil-Ur-Rehman Gill Sr. Demonstrator MBBS, FCPS-II


Dr. Zahid Zia Sr. Demonstrator MBBS, MCPS

(M.Phil Trainee) 0300-4145998
Dr. Qurat-Ul-Ain Sr. Demonstrator MBBS, M.Phil


Dr. Aliya Muzafar Sr. Demonstrator MBBS


Dr. Rafeeda Maab Demonstrator MBBS, M.Phil 0300-9468343
Dr. Sarah Iqbal Ch. Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee) 0324-4302305
Dr. Asad Ahmad Shabbir Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Shahzad Ahmad Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee) 0334-6052282
Dr. Javeria Masood Mirza Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Anum Haider Jafri Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Madiha Arshad Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Maryam Zahid Sheikh Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Gulzaib Pervaiz Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Hajrah Syndeed Pal Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Umera Saleem Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. M. Faisal Bashir Demonstrator MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Nasir Karim Demonstrator MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee)
Dr. Sabila Naqvi Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Remisha Zahid Shah Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Nabila Aslam Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Fatima Zahra Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(FCPS-II Trainee)

Dr. Qudsia Islam Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee)


Dr. Muneeba Rehman Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee) 0336-2230168
Dr. Muhammad Idrees Niazi Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee)

Dr. Safeena Sarfraz Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee) 0334-4375313
Dr. Muhammad Latif Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee)

Dr. Abdul Qayyum Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee)

Dr. Warda Sabeen Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee)

Dr. Sadia Shoaib Postgraduate Resident MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee)

Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Tahir Biochemist MBBS,

(M.Phil Trainee)

Mr. Muhammad Shakoor Biochemist M.Sc 0300-4605716
  • “Comparison of Prediagnostic errors in conventional and lean sin sigma quality improvement programme (Departmental Research, Upcoming KEMU project)
  • “Disseminated intravascular coagulation in adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at presentation and in early phase of remission induction therapy” (Departmental Research, Upcoming KEMU project)
  • “Genetic Expression of Surfactant “D” in stable & Exacerbated Patients of COPD (Current under process coinvestigator in KEMU.  Samreen Hameed (A.P).
  • “Immunohistochemical and histochemistry observation base Grading of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Acta Medica International 2015, 2(2):54-60.

  The Department of Pathology, KEMU has been providing sophisticated investigations facilities to the patients both indoor and out patients including Frozen Section, Immunostains, Special stains, PCR, ELISA, Bone marrow