Prof. Dr. Ayesha Shaukat

Professor of Surgery
Contact Number : 042-99211125
Email: ayesha_surg@hotmail.com

Prof.Dr.Ayesha Shaukat


             West Surgical Ward is established since 1871. It is a place with traditions and values. The unit has produced numerous doctors who are professionally competent, humane and sympathetic. Our mission is to manage every patient, who comes across us, with dedication and commitment. Patient’s safety and satisfaction is our motto.

             Our aim is to teach and train undergraduates and postgraduates so that they can meet all challenges in the fields of medicine. The unit has two Out Patient Department days in a week which is attended by the consultants, where on an average 150 patients are examined per day. The Third year, fourth year and final year students attend the OPD as part of their clinical skill enhancing, training programs and are instructed on the patients. There are two full elective lists per week which have on an average 20 to 25 cases. West Surgical Ward has taken the initiative of running a Breast Clinic in OPD where computerized statistical record is maintained and state of the art management is carried out for the patient’s having breast diseases. The center will focus on research regarding breast cancer in our set up and postgraduate training. These are operated upon by senior surgeons and trainees under direct supervision. The final year students attend the operating sessions and are demonstrated the operative techniques.

             The unit is on call in Accident and Emergency Department on a 4 to 1 Rota basis. Each call day we receive an average of 250 patients of which 30 patients undergo surgery under anesthesia. The student of third, fourth and final year MBBS are taught in the weekly lectures. These students attend the wards where they are instructed in the art of history taking and physical examination. The unit has an average of 18 house officers per rotations who are trained in basic and advanced life support, trauma care and emergency management and in pre and postoperative care of surgical patient. There are total 46  postgraduate students pursuing FCPS and MS degrees. These students are trained on ward rounds, clinic-pathological conferences, morbidity and mortality conferences journal club meetings along with the routine working of the ward. They are also supervised while performing minor and intermediate surgical procedures.

            Staff of West Surgical Ward is actively involved in all CME (Continuing Medical Education) activities.

  • To train undergraduate and post graduate students to meet international standards.
  • To produce humane and skill full doctors.
  • To manage patients with sympathy, devotion and skilled medical care.
  • To conduct research on prevalent diseases.

Sitting L to R: Dr. Asad Saleem (PGR),   Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Asif Maqbool (Asst. Prof.),Dr. Nasir Naseem Akhtar (Asst. Prof.),Dr. Bahzad Akram Khan (Asst. Prof.), Prof. Dr. Ayesha Shaukat (Professor of Surgery WSW), Dr. Khalid Mahmood Cheema (Assoc.Prof.), Dr. Somer Masood Malik (Associate Professor of Surgery), Dr. Muhammad Waqas Shafique( PGR), Dr. Ahmad Rafique (PGR).

Standing First Row L to R:Dr. Abrar Hussain (PGR),   Dr. M. Umair Shafiq (PGR),   Dr. Gulnaz (PGR),   Dr. Amna Batool (PGR),Dr. Fadumo Ahmed Liban (PGR), Dr. Mina Shabbir (HO), Dr. Shafia Sheikh (HO), Dr. Dr. Shaista Asghar (HO), Dr. Bushra Iqbal (HO),Dr. Uzma Shaheen (HO), Dr. Saad Ejaz (PGR), Dr. Muhammad Ayyub Anjum (Registrar).

Standing Second Row L to R:Dr. Ali Sohail (PGR), Dr. Usman Hamid (PGR), Dr. Mudassar Naveed (HO), Dr. Muhammad Rizwan (PGR), Dr. Ijaz Siddique (PGR),    Dr. Naeem Abbas (PGR),   Dr. Haris Ali Ch (PGR),    Dr. Hafiz Zahid Munir (PGR),    Dr. Muhammad Shoaib (HO), Dr. Haris Azeem (PGR),   Mr. Muhammad Javed Iqbal  (PA to Professor)

List of Faculty Members

Name Designation Qualification


Prof. Dr. Ayesha Shaukat FCPS Professor of Surgery
Dr. Somer Masood Malik FCPS, MRCS, M Med (Singapore),FICS, MCPS, Dip (MIS) Associate Professor of Surgery
Dr. Khalid Mahmood Cheema FRCS,FCPS, MS Associate Professor of Surgery (OPS)
Dr. Bahzad Akram Khan FCPS Assistant Professor of Surgery
Dr. Nasir Naseem Akhtar FCPS Assistant Professor of Surgery(OPS)
Dr. Hafiz M. Asif Maqbool MCPS, FCPS Assistant Professor of Surgery(OPS)
Dr. M. Imran Khan FCPS Senior Registrar
Dr. Abdul Ghaffar FCPS Senior Registrar
Dr. Muhammad Ayyub Anjum MBBS (KE) Registrar

Name of Supervisors

  • Prof. Dr. Ayesha Shaukat, FCPS, Professor of Surgery
  • Dr. Somer Masood Malik  [FCPS, MRCS, M Med (Singapore) FICS, MCPS, Dip (MIS)]. Assoc. Prof.
  • Dr. Khalid Mahmood Cheema, FRCS, FCPS, MS. Associate Professor
  • Dr. Bahzad Akram Khan, FCPS, Assistant Professor

Teaching Programs

Postgraduate programs

  • MS (Total No. of Students: 31)
  • FCPS  (Total No. of Students: 15)
  • Daily ward rounds.
  • Weekly journal clubs case based discussion
  • Monthly mortality meeting.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Total No. of House Officers – 18
  • Final Year MBBS  (Total No. of Students per Batch:  22)
  • Fourth Year MBBS  (Total No. of Students per Batch: 12)
  • Third Year MBBS (Total No. of Students per Batch:  20)
  • Out-door teaching
  • Indoor teaching
  • Case based discussion
  • Postoperative Drain Output And Number Of Days Till Drain Removal After Axillary Lymph Node Dissection By Using Ligasure Vessel Ceiling System In Comparison With Conventional Thread Ligation In Patients Undergoing Modified Radical Mastectomy For Carcinoma Of Breast (Dr. Muhammad Ayyub Anjum)
  • Incidence Of Post-Operative Hypocalcaemia With Or Without Pre-Operative Calcium Supplementation After Total Thyroidectomy In Hyperthyroidism (Dr. Asad Saleem)
  • Comparison Of Conventional Suture Ligation And Ligasure Sealing In Patients With Multinodular Goiter Undergoing Thyroidectomy (Dr. Ahmad Rafique)
  • Diagnostic Accuracy Of Neutrophil To Lymphocyte Ratio For Differentiating Gangrenous From Non-Gangrenous Appendicitis (Dr. Abrar Hussain)
  • Comparison Of Papaya Dressing With Normal Saline Dressing In Patients With Diabetic Wounds (Dr. Muhammad Rizwan)
  • Effect Of Gum Chewing In Reducing Post Operative Ileus After Graham Patch Repair For Perforated Duodenal Ulcer ( Dr Saad Ejaz )
  • Frequency Of Different Microbial Bacteria In Breast Abscess ( Dr Aneeqa Qureshi )
  • Colorectal out patient clinic.
  • Surgical Endocrine patient clinic.
  • Director CME
  • Incharge Breast Clinic
  • Incharge Girl’s Hostel
  • Expert emergency/indoor/outdoor management of patients
  • State of the art management of thyroid patients.
  • State of the art management of breast patients.
  • State of the art of colon-rectal patients.