Prof. Dr. Nakshab Ch.


Prof. Nakhshab Ch.


The Department of Biochemistry was established in 1980 in King Edward Medical College, Lahore. Professor Abdus Salam Sheikh being its founding Head. The identification of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology as the main research tool in Medicine was identified in the early 80’s. In 1990 Punjab University awarded the status to the subject to be separately examined in M.B; B.S; degree program. M.Phil. (Biochemistry) Program was introduced when King Edward Medical College was raised to the status of University in 2006. Dr. Shakil Ahmad Assistant Professor became Head of the department. He is gold medalist in M.Phil Biochemistry. The department is also honored by the services of Assistant Professor, Dr. Nakhshab Ch. who is Ph.D. holder in Biochemistry. Currently academic programs conducted by the department includes both undergraduate (MBBS, BDS, Physiotherapy & B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences) and postgraduate (M.Phil.-Biochemistry & Ph.D.).



  • To understand the scientific basis of human life processes at cellular to molecular level & the application of basic biochemistry knowledge in understanding clinical problems.


  • To make undergraduate students understand structure, function & interrelationship of various biomolecules & consequences of abnormality.
  • To provide students conducive teaching & learning environment for better understanding of fundamental aspects of Medical Biochemistry & clinical applications
  • To conduct sessions of interactive discussion for better understanding of Integration in various metabolisms& their regulatory pathways.
  • Explain biochemical basis of inherited disorders with their associated sequelae
  • Describe mechanisms involved in maintenance of body fluid & pH homeostasis.
  • To comprehend the molecular mechanisms of gene expression, the principles of genetic engineering & their applications in medicine.
  • To develop psychomotor skill in undergraduate & postgraduate students for practical work based on principles of various conventional & specialized lab investigations, instrumentation analysis.
  • To analyze& interpret quantitative determination of various biomolecules.
  • To promote research at postgraduate level in the field of Biochemistry.
  • To facilitate research activities by faculty members in health & disease.

List of Faculty Members

Name Designation


Prof. Dr. Nakhshab Ch. Professor/HOD MBBS, DCP, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. Syed Faisal Hassan Shah Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil
Dr. Noor-ul-Ain Waheed Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil
Dr. Tehmina Tariq APWMO MBBS, DGO
Dr. Samia Naz APWMO MBBS,
Dr. Syed Asif Shah Senior Demonstrator MBBS,
Dr. Zarsham Ali Demonstrator MBBS,
Dr.Tayyab Demonstrator MBBS,
  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences
  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.


Title of Research Project


Dr.Shafaq Mehmood Association of insulin like growth fator1 with androgen hormones in patient of acne Current project
Dr. Muhammad Mubeen Anwar Endothelin-1G665T polymorphism and its association with diabetic nephropathy In process of approval
Dr.Ifrah Yaqoob Correlation of plasma MMP2 and MMP9 levels with grade and stage of breast cancer.


Current project
Dr.Sara Malik Correlation of serum adiponectin &leptin levels in patients of psoriasis. In process of approval
Dr. Sana Sarmad Study of serum MMPs 1-13 in patients of oral squamous cell carcinoma and normal healthy subjects. Current project