Prof. Dr. Ahmed Uzair Qureshi

Professor of Surgery,
West Surgical Ward, Unit-II,
KEMU/Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Prof. Ahmed Uzair Qureshi

Brief History & Introduction

West Surgical Ward is established since 1871. It is a place with traditions and values. The unit has produced numerous doctors who are professionally competent, humane and sympathetic. Our mission is to manage every patient, who comes across us, with dedication and commitment. Patient’s safety and satisfaction is our motto.
Our aim is to teach and train undergraduates and postgraduates so that they can meet all challenges in the fields of medicine. The unit has two Out Patient Department days in a week which is attended by the consultants, where on an average 150 patients are examined per day. The fourth and final year students attend the OPD as part of their clinical skill enhancing, training programs and are instructed on the patients. There are two full elective lists per week which have on average 20 to 25 cases. These are operated upon by senior surgeons and trainees under direct supervision. The final year students attend the operating sessions and are demonstrated the operative techniques.
The unit is on call in the Accident and Emergency Department on a 4 to 1 Rota basis. Each call day we receive an average of 250 patients of which 30 patients undergo surgery under anesthesia. The student of third, fourth and final year MBBS are taught in the weekly lectures. These students attend the wards where they are instructed in the art of history taking and physical examination. The unit has an average of 12 house officers per rotations who are trained in basic and advanced life support, trauma care and emergency management and in pre and postoperative care of surgical patient. There are twelve postgraduate students pursuing FCPS, MRCS and MS degrees. These students are trained on ward rounds, clinic-pathological conferences, morbidity and mortality conferences journal club meetings along with the routine working of the ward. They are also supervised while performing minor and intermediate surgical procedures.
Breast Surgery
West Surgical Ward has been recognized for Fellowship in the discipline of Breast Surgery by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Since its inception in 2014, the Department has carried out a series of reorganizations. Mayo Hospital Breast Clinic (MHBC) provides therapeutic and diagnostic services through multidisciplinary approach for both benign and malignant breast diseases.
We at Mayo Hospital Breast Clinic are striving to devise a registration practice, comprising of basic epidemiological data on incidence, management and outcome of patients with Breast cancer focused on conducting research in this area. A dedicated team renders both therapeutic and diagnostic services in order to provide all the services necessary, from prevention, through the treatment of the primary tumor, to care of advanced disease, supportive and palliative care and survivorship, and psychosocial support.

  • Between October 2014 and October 2018, a total of 34,145 patients presented to Breast Clinic.
  • 31,023 patients had Benign Breast Disease.
  • 3122 patients had Malignant Breast disease
  • Ratio of Cancer patients   (3122/4,145 x 100= 9.1)
  • 74.5% of the Breast Cancer Patients who presented to Our Breast Clinic had Stage III and Stage IV.
  • Stage III was 43.1% and Stage IV was 31.4%.

The staff of West Surgical Ward is actively involved in all CME (Continuing Medical Education) activities.


– To train undergraduate and post graduate students to meet international standards.
– To produce humane and skill full doctors.
– To manage patients with sympathy, devotion and skilled medical care.
– To conduct research on prevalent diseases.

Faculty List

List of Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Uzair QureshiProfessor of SurgeryFCPS, MRCS,MCPS, PGD MED (UK)
Dr. Somer Masood MalikAssociate ProfessorFCPS,MRCS, FICS,MCPS
Dr. Bahzad Akram KhanAssistant ProfessorFCPS, FCAS
Dr. Nasir NaseemSenior RegistrarFCPS,
Dr. Ghaznfar AliSenior RegistrarFCPS, 2ND Fellowship Trainee in Breast Surgery
Dr. Ayub AnjumSenior RegistrarFCPS, , 2ND Fellowship Trainee in Breast Surgery
Dr. Yasmeen UsmanSenior RegistrarFCPS, , 2ND Fellowship Trainee in Breast Surgery
Dr. Adeel AhmedSenior RegistrarFCPS
Dr. Ubaid ur RehmanSenior RegistrarFCPS
Dr. Fahad IsmailRegistrarMBBS (K.E)
Dr. Hafiz Uzair AhmadRegistrarMBBS (SLMC)

– Bed side teaching.
– Case based teaching
– Journal clubs
– Mortality meetings
– Basic surgical skills workshops
– Annual breast cancer awareness seminars
– Faculty development workshops.


• Comparison of early versus delayed cholecystectomy in patients with mild gall stone pancreatitis
• Frequency of malignancy in patients undergoing thyroidectomy for multi-nodular goiter.
• Changing trends of presentation in patients of corrosive intake involving stomach
• Presentation and management of salivary gland tumors
• Compare the severity of acute biliary against non-biliary pancreatitis in patients at Mayo hospital Lahore.
• Presentation and management of thyroid malignancy.
• Data collection for different presentation of breast diseases through breast clinic.
• Comparative study of outcome of simple excision with primary closure versus rhomboid excision with Limberg flap for sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus.
• Presentation and management of hyperthyroidism


– Advance thyroid CA management
– Breast Clinic at Room 16 OPD
– Department of Medical Education is headed by the Prof. of West Surgical Ward


– Expert emergency/indoor/outdoor management of patients
– State of the art management of thyroid patients.
– State of the art management of breast patients.
– State of the art of colo-rectal patients.