Salient Features of KEMU

National / International Recognitions:
  1. World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. Recognized by all leading Medical Universities of USA and United Kingdom
  3. Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC)
  4. Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  5. Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC)
International and National Linkages and Collaborations

International Institutions:

  1. University of Brussels, Belgium
  2. University of Oklahoma, USA
  3. Canadian Orthopaedic Association, Canada’’
  4. International Society of Traumatology
  5. Southampton University
  6. University of Pisa, Italy
  7. London School of Hygiene &Tropical Diseases
  8. Alder Hay Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK
  9. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
  10. University of Hertfordshire, UK
  11. Southwest Cleveland Sleep Center, USA
  12. Kagoshima University, Japan
  13. Kabul University, Afghanistan
  14. Mashhad University, Iran
  15. Queen Mary University, UK
  16. Promotion of Education Foundation, USA
  17. Association of American Medical Colleges, USA
  18. Indian Spinal Injuries, India
  19. National Environment Agency, Singapore
  20. Walailak University, Tha Sala, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.
  21. University of Illinois, Chicago
  22. Imperial College, London
  23. University of Sheffield, UK
  24. China Medical University, China
  25. Purdue University in Indiana, USA
  26. Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey
  27. Royal College of Emergency Medicine, UK
  28. Aspire Institute, Harvard University, USA

National Institutions:

  1. Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore
  2. Punjab University, Lahore
  3. Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore
  4. British Council, Lahore
  5. University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore
  6. Lahore College for Women University, Lahore
  7. The University of Lahore, Lahore
  8. Institute of Leadership, Karachi
  9. Omar Hospital and Cardiac Center, Lahore
  10. National Institute of Health, Islamabad
  11. CorTeach, Lahore
  12. Shalamar Medical and Dental College, Lahore
  13. De Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore
  14. Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning, Lahore
  15. The Shahid Javed Burki Institute of Public Policy at Netsol
  16. Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore
  17. Punjab Institute of Mental Health, Lahore
  18. Government College University, Lahore
  19. Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore
Constituent Colleges/Schools/Centers:
  1. College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS)
  2. College of Nursing
  3. School of Physiotherapy
  4. School of Orthopedic Technology
  5. Center for Nuclear Medicine (CENUM)
  6. Pakistan Medical Research Center (PMRC)
  7. Convalescent Center
Attached Hospitals:
  1. Mayo Hospital
  2. Lady Willingdon Hospital
  3. Lady Aitchison Hospital
  4. Kot Khawaja Saeed Hospital
  5. Nawaz Sharif Hospital Yaki Gate
  6. Said Mitha Hospital
  7. Mian Munshi Hospital
  8. District Police Lines Qila Gujjar Singh Hospital
  1. Faculty of Basic Sciences
  2. Faculty of Medicine & Allied Specialties
  3. Faculty of Surgery & Allied Specialties
  4. Faculty of Public Health & Preventive Medicine
  5. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  6. Faculty of Dentistry
  7. Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Basic Sciences:
  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Pathology
  5. Community Medicine
  6. Pharmacology
  7. Forensic Medicine
Faculty of Medicine & Allied Specialities:
  1. East Medical Ward
  2. West Medical Ward
  3. South Medical Ward
  4. North Medical Ward
  5. Cardiology
  6. T.B. & Chest Medicine
  7. Dermatology Unit-I
  8. Dermatology Unit-II
  9. Neurology
  10. Paediatrics Medicine Unit-I
  11. Paediatrics Medicine Unit-II
  12. Psychiatry
  13. Preventive Paediatrics
  14. Clinical Oncology (Radiotherapy)
  15. Radiotherapy
  16. Nephrology
Faculty of Surgery & Allied Specialities:
  1. North Surgical Ward
  2. West Surgical Ward
  3. East Surgical Ward
  4. South Surgical Ward
  5. E.N.T. Unit-I
  6. E.N.T. Unit-II
  7. Orthopedic Surgery, Unit-I
  8. Orthopedic Surgery, Unit-II
  9. Anesthesia, Unit-I
  10. Anesthesia  Unit-II
  11. Urology Unit-1
  12. Urology Unit-2
  13. Ophthalmology Unit-I
  14. Ophthalmology Unit-II
  15. Ophthalmology Unit-III
  16. Obstt. & Gynae Unit-I
  17. Obstt. & Gynae Unit-II
  18. Obstt. & Gynae Unit-III
  19. Obstt. & Gynae Unit-IV
  20. Obstt. & Gynae Unit-V
  21. Neurosurgery
  22. Paediatric Surgery
  23. Plastic Surgery
  24. Thoracic Surgery
  25. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  26. Cardiac Surgery
  27. Accident & Emergency
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences:
  1. Allied Health Sciences
  2. Vision Sciences
  3. Physiotherapy
Faculty of Public Health & Preventive Medicine:
  1. Department of Preventive & Social Pediatric
  2. Department of Community Medicine
  3. College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS)
Various UG/PG/Diplomas & PHD Programs offered by KEMU:
Ph.D Programs:
Sr. No.Faculty Program TitleDurationPMDC AccreditedHEC ApprovedStatus
1Basic Medical SciencesPh.D  Basic Sciences03 to 08 YearsIn ProcessYesActive
2Clinical SciencesPh.D  Clinical Sciences03 to 08 YearsIn ProcessYesActive
3Basic SciencesPh.D Anatomy03 to 08 YearsYesYesActive
4Basic SciencesPh.D Biochemistry03 to 08 YearsYesYesActive
5Basic SciencesPh.D Community Medicine03 to 08 YearsYesYesActive
MD/MS/MDS Programs:
Sr. No. Faculty Department Program TitleDuration PMDC AccreditedHEC ApprovedStatus
1Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesMedicineM.D (Internal Medicine)04 YearsYesYesActive
2Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesMedicineM.D (Gastroenterology)05 YearsYesYesActive
3Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesMedicineM.D (Family Medicine)04 YearsYesYesActive
4Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesCardiologyM.D (Cardiology)05 YearsYesYesActive
5Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesDermatologyM.D (Dermatology)05 YearYesYesActive
6Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesNeurologyM.D (Neurology)05 YearsYesYesActive
7Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesOncologyM.D (Oncology)05 YearYesYesActive
8Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesPaediatric MedicineM.D (Paediatrics)04 YearsYesYesActive
9Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesRadiologyM.D (Radiology)04 YearsYesYesActive
10Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesPsychiatryM.D (Psychiatry)04 YearsYesYesActive
11Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesHematologyM.D (Hematology)04 YearsYesYesActive
12Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesChest MedicineM.D (Pulmonology)05 YearsIn ProcessYesActive
13Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesNephrologyM.D (Nephrology)05 YearsIn ProcessYesActive
14Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesEmergency MedicineM.D (Emergency Medicine)05 YearsIn ProcessYesActive
15Public Health & Preventive MedicineCommunity Medicine & Public HealthM.D (Community Medicine & Public Health)04 YearYesYesActive
Sr. No. Faculty Department Program TitleDuration PMDC AccreditedHEC approvedStatus


Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesSurgeryM.S (General Surgery)04 YearsYesYesActive
2Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesOphthalmologyM.S (Ophthalmology)04 YearsYesYesActive
3Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesE.N.TM.S (E.N.T)04 YearsYesYesActive
4Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesObstetrics & GynaecologyM.S (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)04 YearsYesYesActive
5Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesAnaesthesiaM.S (Anesthesia)05 YearsYesYesActive
6Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesCardiac SurgeryM.S (Cardiac Surgery)05 YearsYesYesActive
7Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesNeurosurgeryM.S (Neurosurgery)05 YearsYesYesActive
8Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesOrthopaedic SurgeryM.S (Orthopedic Surgery)05 YearsYesYesActive
9Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesPaediatric SurgeryM.S (Paediatric Surgery)05 YearsYesYesActive
10Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesPlastic SurgeryM.S (Plastic Surgery)05 YearsYesYesActive
11Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesThoracic SurgeryM.S (Thoracic surgery)05 YearsYesYesActive
12Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesUrologyM.S (Urology)05 YearsYesYesActive
Sr. No. Faculty Department Program TitleDuration PMDC AccreditedHEC ApprovedStatus
1DentistryOral & Maxillofacial SurgeryMDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)04 YearsYesYesActive
M.Phil. Programs:
Sr. No. FacultyDepartment Program TitleDuration PMDC AccreditedHEC approvedStatus
1Basic SciencesAnatomyM.Phil (Anatomy)02 YearsYesYesActive
2Basic SciencesPhysiologyM.Phil (Physiology)02 YearsYesYesActive
3Basic SciencesBiochemistryM.Phil (Biochemistry)02 YearsYesYesActive
4Basic SciencesPharmacologyM.Phil (Pharmacology)02 YearsYesYesActive
5Basic SciencesForensic MedicineM.Phil (Forensic Medicine)02 YearsYesYesActive
6Basic SciencesPathologyM.Phil (Microbiology)02 YearsYesYesActive
7Basic SciencesPathologyM.Phil (Histopathology)02 YearsYesYesActive
8Basic SciencesPathologyM.Phil (Chemical Pathology)02 YearsYesYesActive
9Basic SciencesPathologyM.Phil (Hematology)02 YearsYesYesActive
10Public Health & Preventive MedicineOphthalmologyM.Phil (Optometry)02 YearsYesYesActive
11Public Health & Preventive MedicineOphthalmologyM.Phil (Orthoptics)02 YearsYesYesActive
12Public Health & Preventive MedicineOphthalmologyM.Phil (Investigative Ophthalmology)02 YearsYesYesActive
13Allied Health SciencesPhysiotherapyM.Phil (Physiotherapy)02 YearsYesYesActive
14Public Health & Preventive MedicineCommunity MedicineM.Phil (Community Medicine/Public Health)02 YearsYesYesActive
15Basic SciencesBiomedicalM.Phil (Molecular Biology)02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
Master Programs:
Sr. No. FacultyDepartment Program TitleDuration PMDC AccreditedHEC approvedStatus
1Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesOphthalmologyMaster in Community Eye Health (MCEH)02 YearsYesYes


2Basic SciencesCommunity MedicineMaster of Public Health (MPH)02 Years




Fellowship Programs:
Sr. No. FacultyDepartment Program TitleDuration PMDC AccreditedHEC approvedStatus
1Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesOphthalmologyFellowship in Vitreoretina02 YearsYesNAActive
2Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesOphthalmologyFellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology02 YearsYesNAActive
3Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesChild PsychiatryFellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry02 YearsIn ProcessNAActive
4Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesPaediatricsFellowship in Paediatric Nephrology02 YearsIn ProcessNAActive
5Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesPaediatricsFellowship in Paediatric Neonatology02 YearsIn ProcessNAActive
6Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesOphthalmologyFellowship in Orbit and Oculoplastics02 YearsIn ProcessNAActive
Postgraduate Diploma Programs:
Sr. No. FacultyDepartment Program TitleDuration PMDC AccreditedHEC approvedActive /     Not Active
1Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesCardiologyDiploma in Cardiology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
2Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesOncologyDiploma in Clinical Oncology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
3Public Health & Preventive MedicineCommunity MedicineDiploma in Public Health (D.P.H)02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
4Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesDermatologyDiploma in Dermatology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
5Public Health & Preventive MedicineCommunity MedicineDiploma in Family Medicine02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
6Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesNeurologyDiploma in Clinical Neurology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
7Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesPaediatricsDiploma in Child Health02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
8Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesPsychiatryDiploma in Psychiatry02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
9Medicine & Allied SpecialtiesTB & Chest MedicineDiploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
10Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesENTDiploma in Ear, Nose & Throat02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
11Dental SurgeryOral & Maxillofacial SurgeryDiploma in Maxillofacial Surgery02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
12Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesObstetrics & GynaecologyDiploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
13Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesOphthalmologyDiploma in Ophthalmic Medicine & Surgery02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
14Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesOrthopaedic SurgeryDiploma in Orthopaedics02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
15Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesPaediatric SurgeryDiploma in Paediatric Surgery02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
16Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesUrologyDiploma in Urology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
17Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesAnaesthesiaDiploma in Anaesthesiology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
18Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesClinical PathologyDiploma in Clinical Pathology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
19Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesForensic MedicineDiploma in Medical Jurisprudence02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
20Surgery & Allied SpecialtiesRadiologyDiploma in Medical Radiology02 YearsYesYes


Not Active
Certificate Programs:
Sr. No.UniversityProgram DurationPMDC AccreditedHEC approvedActive /     Not Active
1King Edward Medical University, LahoreCertificate in Medical Teaching (CMT)06 MonthsNANAActive
2King Edward Medical University, LahoreCertificate in Medical Editing (CME)06 MonthsNANAActive
3King Edward Medical University, LahoreCertificate in Family Medicine & Public Health (CFM&PH)1 YearNANAActive
Undergraduate Programs:
Sr. No.FacultyDepartmentProgramDuration PMDC / PNC AccreditedHEC approvedActive /     Not Active


2.Allied Health SciencesSchool of PhysiotherapyDoctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)05 YearsNAYesActive
3.Public Health & Preventive MedicineOphthalmologyB.Sc. Vision Sciences (Optometry)04 YearNAYesActive
4.Public Health & Preventive MedicineOphthalmologyB.Sc. Vision Sciences (Investigative Ophthalmology)04 YearNAYesActive
5.Public Health & Preventive MedicineOphthalmologyB.Sc. Vision Sciences (Orthoptics)04 YearNAYesActive
6.Allied Health SciencesOrthopaedic SurgeryB.Sc. (Orthotics & Prosthetics)04 YearNAYesActive
7.Allied Health SciencesPsychiatryB.Sc. (Speech & Language Pathology)04 YearNAYesActive
8.Allied Health SciencesPsychiatryB.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)04 YearNAYesActive
9.Allied Health SciencesCardiac SurgeryB.Sc. (Cardiac Perfusion)04 YearNAYesActive
10.Allied Health SciencesMedical Lab TechnologyB.Sc. (Medical Lab Technology)04 YearNAYesActive
11.Allied Health SciencesSurgeryB.Sc. (Surgical Technology)04 YearNAYesActive
12.Allied Health SciencesAnaesthesiaB.Sc. (Anesthesia Technology)04 YearNAYesActive
13.Allied Health SciencesNephrologyB.Sc. (Renal Dialysis Technology)04 YearNAYesActive
14.Allied Health SciencesOral & Maxillofacial SurgeryB.Sc. (Dental Technology)04 YearNAYesActive
15.Allied Health SciencesENTB.Sc. (Audiology)04 YearNAYesActive
16.Allied Health SciencesOncologyB.Sc. (Radiotherapy)04 YearNAYesActive
17.Allied Health SciencesRadiologyB.Sc. (Medical Imaging Technology)04 YearNAYesActive
18.Allied Health SciencesNeurologyB.Sc. Hons. (Neuro-Electrophysiology)04 YearNAYesActive
19.NursingCollege of NursingPost RN BSN02 YearYesYesActive
Research at King Edward Medical University:

King Edward Medical University perform the several functions in accordance with university Act. Amongst the major functions, the provision for research, advancement and dissemination of knowledge also included. KEMU (Amendment) Act 2012 also provided cover regarding research mandate to the university.

The University running its two official research journals Annals of King Edward Medical University (Annals of KEMU) and Journal of Society of Prevention, Advocacy and Research Knowledge (JSPARK) respectively. Both journals are published on quarterly basis.

As a multi-disciplinary journal published by the most renowned and oldest medical institute of Pakistan, Annals of KEMU publishes the most relevant original research articles that form the foundations of tomorrow’s medicine in Pakistan and around the globe.

A brief portfolio of Annals of KEMU, is as follows:

  • Included in Journal Citation Report (JCR) 2022 by Clarivate Analytics
  • HEC Recognized Journal
  • Academic Editorial and Advisory Board, Comprised of Members with PhD degrees relevant with Scope of the journal
  • International Audience
  • Well Defined Peer Review Policy
  • 50% Editorial Board and reviewers are from technologically advanced countries
  • Has a Dynamic and up-to-date Website with all the original Full-Text Articles
  • Visibility / accessibility in more than 150 countries in Spatiotemporal distribution
  • 496 Cites per author

A brief portfolio of Journal of Society of Prevention, Advocacy and Research Knowledge (JSPARK), is as follows:

Journal of Society of Prevention, Advocacy and Research Knowledge (JSPARK), King Edward Medical University is a newly established medical journal publishing under the umbrella of the University. This journal focused on providing a platform for undergraduate and postgraduate students to publish their research work. The Journal embodies the unwavering commitment of King Edward Medical University to advancing medical knowledge through student engagement, innovation, and research. Journal of Society of Prevention, Advocacy and Research Knowledge (JSPARK) is another official journal published under the umbrella of the University. It was first published in 2022 and accredited ISSN number this year

Annals of King Edward Medical University is indexed on:
  • Journal Citation Report 2022 (Clarivate Analytics)
  • Master Journal List (Thomson Reuters)
  • Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Medical & Dental Council
  • College of Physicians and Surgeon of Pakistan
  • Pak MediNet
  • EMRO Indexus Medicus of WHO
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • ICMJE Database
  • PKP Harvester Database
  • Google Scholar
  • Directory of Research Journal Indexing
  • Open J Gate
  • EBSCO Journals (USA)
  • Research Gate
  • IMEMR Journal Directory
  • Crossref
  • Asian Digital Library
  • Islamic World Science Citation Center
  • ReviewerCredits
Quality Enhancement Cell:

King Edward Medical University has a very active Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) which proactively works to improve the quality of services offered by the Institution. More information about QEC can be found at

Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) 2021-22 by HEC, Islamabad

Self IPE and Postgraduate Programs Self Review 2022-23

Assessment Team Meetings regarding Audit of Self-Assessment Reports of Non-Accredited Programs

Department of ORIC:

King Edward Medical University has a very active department of ORIC which proactively works for the improvement of Research Innovation and Commercialization.

Student Relations Office: