‘Cancer Awareness walk and Seminar was organized at Mayo Cancer Care Hospital, Manawan, attached to KEMU

‘Cancer Awareness walk and Seminar was organized at Mayo Cancer Care Hospital, Manawan, attached to King Edward Medical University.
Provincial Health Minister Prof. Javed Akram was the Chief guest of the event and Vice Chancellor King Edward Medical University Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz was Patron in Chief.

On the occasion, Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz, VC KEMU, Prof. Waseem Hayat. COO MCCH and Prof. Abbas Khokhar were joined by Prof. Noreen Zafar, Prof. Saira Afzal, Dr. Fariha Sheikh, Dr. Ali Goraya, Dr. Amjad Zafar, Dr. Ali Akbar, Dr. Sobia Yaqub, Dr. Zeeshan Niazi, Dr. Mubeenuddin, Dr. Nasir Hamdani and a large number of paramedics as well as nurses were present.

Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz presented a cutting-edge lecture on robotic surgery during the seminar. He greatly appreciated the chief minister syed mohsin raza Naqvi for establishing this most needed cancer care facility . Dr. Noreen Zafar discussed cancer screening and its significance, while Dr. Abbas Khokhar delivered a presentation on cancer public policy.

Prof. Javed Akram highlighted the goal of the walk and seminar, aiming to educate and raise awareness about cancer. He attributed the establishment of Mayo Cancer Care Hospital to Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi. He expressed hope for further expansion of the hospital under the new government. Prof. Javed Akram noted that oral cancer is prevalent in Pakistan due to the use of gutka, pan, and chalia. He emphasized that the primary cause of breast cancer in women is not breastfeeding children, stating that breastfeeding reduces the risk of cancer by 50%.

The caretaker provincial health minister praised the invaluable role of doctors in serving humanity, expressing pride in being a doctor and a teacher more than a minister. He highlighted that premature births in Pakistan account for 27% of newborns and that obesity increases the risk of cancer. He mentioned that diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer are prevalent diseases in Pakistan. Prof. Javed Akram announced an allocation of at least 25 billion rupees for Mayo Cancer Care Hospital in the future.
Prof. Javed Akram commended the efforts of Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz, Prof. Waseem Hayat Khan, and their team for their contributions to the establishment of the Cancer Care Hospital.

He expressed confidence that Mayo Cancer Care Hospital will one day become the best cancer hospital in the world. Prof. Javed Akram praised the efforts of Prof. Abbas Khokhar for organizing the seminar.