KEMCAANA Nursing Initiative King Edward Medical University / Mayo Hospital Lahore

KEMCAANA Nursing Initiative , King Edward Medical University/ Mayo Hospital, Lahore.
A very useful get together and frank discussions with Vice Chancellor KEMU, DG Nursing and nursing students was held at KEMCAANA Learning Center Bahawalpur block King Edward Medical University Lahore. It was suggested to SHC&ME department to overcome issue of shortage of teachers in nursing schools by taking help of faculty and consultants in their attached medical colleges and teaching hospitals. Contractural hiring of physicians as teachers and hiring of English and Computers teachers from HED in various districts on placement basis will enable nurses to be well versed with computers and English language.
Thanks to Director General Nursing Punjab, VC KEMU , Principal Nursing College, Professor Saira Afzal , Professor Sania Shuja a wonderful KEMCAANA volunteer. And our wonderful teachers including Ammara Shah, Memona Tayyab, Dr Salman Kazmi and Dr Muhammad Nasrullah, Dr Humaira Farooqi and Dr Kamran Khawaja and Rashid Javed and Computer lab KEMCAANA staff.
VC KEMU Prof Mahmood Ayyaz apprised the audience that university was already providing access to nursing students to KEMU library and teaching staff of the university will augment nursing faculty and help in overcoming shortage of teachers at the nursing school. DG Nursing stated that 25 new computers have been purchased for each Nursing College and Principal Nursing College is requested to set up Computer lab next to library if possible in the Nursing College immediately.
KEMCAANA Dr Maqbool Arshad announced that they were willing to provide technical support as needed. He hoped DG Nursing also has maintenance agreement and proper software in these computers. KEMCAANA team also added that they were willing to provide advice on type of software and programs needed to be uploaded on these computers.
Moreover a set of 40 books for each nursing college will be donated to their Library . Already a library of 3000 books exists at nursing college on top floor.
KEMCAANA will place their English set of books easily accessible for nursing students in Nursing College Library. Participants strongly advised nursing college to set up easily accessible Gymnasium and encourage physical exercises , badminton , table tennis etc for students to ensure they are physically strong to do CPR and be able to shift patients as per need .
Seminar was attended by Friends of Mayo hospital team as well led by their President Ms Fatima Fazal