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Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud
Vice Chancellor, KEMU
Merit List of FCPS-II Session January 2014

Student's Record Validation by Elgible Student for The Prime Minister's Laptop Scheme

Tender Notice uploded on 14.10.14

Revised Datasheet MBBS Second Professional Annual Examination 2014 uploded on 14.10.14

Revised datesheet MBBS Final Prof AE 2014 3-10-14

3rd Prof Date sheet

Notification Part II(final evaluation) MD/MS/MDS

Notification Part III Final Evaluation MD/MS/MDS

Adjustment of Honorary PGRs against Paid Seats

Revised datesheet of MBBS First Prof. Part-I AE 2014

Revised datesheet of MD/MS/MDS Part II
Revised datesheet of MD/MS/MDS Part III


Adjustment of Honorary PGRs of Clinical Scienes against the basic Science Stipend Seats

Adjustment of Honorary PGRs againsr Paid Vacant Seats

Selected Candidates for FCPS Part-II Training for the session July, 2014 (2nd Merit List).


Notification for Short Listed Candidates (3rd Merit List) to interview for their induction in FCPS Part-II (Session July 2014).

Short listed (2nd Merit List) candidates for interview of FCPS-II induction July 2014.

Notification of Competent Authority a Committee for interview of FCPS-II trainees (Session July 2014).

Notification of cooped members for FCPS-II trainees (2nd Merit List) Session July 2014.

Result Notification of FCPS-II Training Induction for the session July 2014.

Accommodation Needed for Girls Students

Short listed condidates for interview of FCPS-II Induction July 2014.

Important Notic for the selected students of MD/MS Program Session March 2014

Recommended PGRs for one month stipend from KEMU

Result Notification of MD/MS induction for the session March 2014

Schedule for Interview of FCPS-II Induction July 2014

Notice MD /MS Program

List of PhD. Supervisors in KEMU, Lahore.

MD/MS Entry Test Result (VPCE 2nd phase)

Video Projected Clinical Examination

Invitation of Bid

Notice For MD MS Entry Test

Proposed Schedule of MPhil 2nd Annual 2013

Tender Supply of Kits/Consumables

Entry Test Result MD/MS/MDS

Admission Form for Post Graduate Admission Training.

Application Form for HEC Needs Based Scholarship Program.

Result Notification MBBS First Professional Part II Annual Examination 2013.

Selected Candidates for FCPS Part II Training in KEMU.

Admission Form for Post Graduate Admission Training.

Result Notification M.B.,B.S. Second Professional Annual Examination 2013.

Result Notification MBBS First Professional Part-I Annual Examination 2013.

1st Year MBBS 2013-2014
2 Years Training Programme
in Family Medicine

Application Form For Residency Training

Jobs at KEMU

List of KE Graduates

SOPs for Initial Enrollement as Postgraduate Trainee

Proforma for Issuance of Experience Certificate / Rotations

Quality Enhancement Cell, KEMU
KEMU Rules & Regulations

Visiting Faculty Program at KEMU

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