Prof. Dr. Ameer Afzal
MBBS (KE), FCPS(PK), MRCS (Edin), FRCS(Glasgow), FACS (USA), MS (KE)

Professor of Surgery,
North Surgical Ward,
KEMU/Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Prof. Ameer Afzal

Brief History & Introduction

North Surgery (Dehli Ward) is among the pioneer surgical units in this part of sub-continent as its history is as ripe as that of Mayo Hospital. Established in 1871, its walls have nurtured the most capable surgeons of Lahore who have earned a reputation and made us proud around the world. North Surgery has functionally always been the forerunner of surgical wards and has traditionally been the unit of principals and Vice Chancellors of KEMC and then KEMU respectively. This tradition dates back to pre-partition era. Some of the renowned surgeons who have been the head of department of North Surgical Ward and the principals of King Edward Medical College in their respective times are following:

  • H.H Broome
  • P.D Barucha
  • Mirajkar
  • Sargood Fry
  • Sardar Ali Khan
  • Ijaz Ahsan

The custom continues even after the college became an accredited university. Prof. Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal (T.I) headed the department and now attached to the department as professor emeritus and now Prof. Dr. Ameer Afzal is the head of the North Surgical Ward.  Then there are some very renowned figures who have headed the department, this includes the likes of:

  • Ameer Ud Din
  • S.A.R Gardezi
  • Abdul Majeed Ch
  • Ashad Cheema
  • Dr. Aamer Zaman Khan

The list certainly continues.
North Surgical Ward believes in service to humanity with a commitment for excellence in Medical education and research, providing medical students with state of the art knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver the highest standards of health care to the people. The ward is a hub of teaching and training and has been sought after by pg trainees over the period of times. Certainly its residents feel pride and privileged after becoming a part of the family of North Surgical Unit. The ward is one of the biggest units in the country with a capacity of 98 beds in total, including 40 bedded male and 24 bedded female wards in Surgical Tower. A 10 bedded HDU and 6 bedded isolation is among the 34 beds in Old building also called Gheri Ward. Prof. Dr. Ameer Afzal (FCPS, MS) is the Head of the Department. He is also a Kemcolian and a trainee of Mayo Hospital, Lahore. He personally looks after the training of post graduate residents by regularly conducting ward rounds and other academics activities. He performs surgeries to demonstrate the surgical skills to the trainees. Dr. Ali Akbar and Dr. Balakh Sher are Assistant Professors of NSW. The ward has the privilege of having the 1st surgical oncologist of Pakistan in shape of Dr. Ali Akbar (Assistant Professor). 06 Senior Registrars are part and parcel of the ward who are responsible for training of the residents and house surgeons in ward and in emergency.

Though the ward is blessed with fine surgical hands and a range of operations are being performed but the areas of interest are laparoscopic, oncologic and head & Neck surgeries. There are 2 elective lists per week with availability of 6 fully equipped operation theaters. There are 2 emergency duties per week of 24 & 12 hrs on Wednesday and Friday respectively. The ward provides its services for outpatient department twice a week directly supervised by consultants including Prof. Dr. Ameer Afzal himself. The ward is fully accredited for MS & FCPS programs. Currently 45 Postgraduate trainees are enrolled with the ward in different years of training. Post emergency presentations, journal club meetings, clinico-pathological conferences, morbidity, mortality meetings and internal audits on regular basis are a must in the ward for which the ward has a 80 seating capacity lecture theatre equipped with multimedia and audio-visual support. Research topics of PGRs are regularly followed and monitored. Along with training of postgraduate residents, ward is also actively involved in teaching of undergraduate students of 3rd Year, 4th Year & Final Year students of MBBS and Final Year students of BDS(Department of dentistry) in a friendly environment in lecture theatres, ward to enhance their clinical skills, in operation theatres to demonstrate operative techniques and in OPD to discuss various Surgical pathologies with thorough and proper history taking and examination. The ward also believes in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Farewells and welcomes are arranged to outgoing and incoming residents and House surgeons. Ward trips are arranged whenever possible. As such activities keep the individuals relaxed and calm during such hectic, tough and tiring routine.


– To train undergraduate and post graduate students to meet international standards.
– To produce humane and skill full doctors.
– To manage patients with sympathy, devotion and skilled medical care.
– To conduct research on prevalent diseases.

Faculty List

List of Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Ameer AfzalMBBS (KE), FCPS(PK), MRCS (Edin), FRCS(Glasgow), FACS (USA), MS (KE)Professor of Surgery, HOD
Dr. Ali AkbarFCPS Surgery, FCPS Surgical Oncology (European Board Surgical Oncology)Assistant Professor
Dr. Balakh Sher ZamanMBBS(KE), FCPS, FACS(USA), MRCS(London), MRCS(Glasg)Assistant Professor
Dr. Hafiz Asif MaqboolFCPSSenior Registrar
Dr. Humayun SiddiqueM.SSenior Registrar
Dr. Noor ul Ain MujahidFCPSSenior Registrar
Dr. Zain MukhtarMSSenior Registrar
Dr. Nabeela SalamatFCPSSenior Registrar
Dr. WajahatFCPSSenior Registrar
Dr. Hafiz Syed ZaighumFCPSRegistrar
Dr. Rao Nasira SaleemMSRegistrar
  • Fellowship program for the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan
  • Master of surgery, KEMU
  • Undergraduate teaching of MBBS & BDS
  • Teaching of Allied Sciences KEMU
  • Comparison Of Analgesic Efficacy of Four Quadrant Open Tap Block Versus Local Anesthetic Wound Infiltration in Patients Undergoing Midline Laparatomy
  • Comparison Of Outcome of Intraperitoneal Instillation of Rupivacaine Versus Normal Saline Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Terms of Post Operative Analgesia Requirements
  • Role Of Tirads in Assessing Malignancy in Solitary Thyroid Nodules Taking Histopathology as Gold Standard
  • Comparison Of Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment (Vaaft) Versus Seton Placement in Fistula in Ano
  • Predictive Value of Pre-Operative Score for Difficulty in Thyroidectomy Measured in Terms of Duration of Surgery and Post-Operative Complications
  • Effect Of Chewing Gum in Early Restoration of Bowel Movement Among Patients of Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Prediction Of Mortality and Morbidity in Patients with Secondary Peritonitis Using Pompp Scoring System.
  • Comparison Of Surgical Outcome Between Endoscopical Assisted Cautrization Vs Endoscopicaly Assisted Cautrization with Phenol Application in The Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus
  • Comparing Of Wide Open Excision With Limberg Flap In The Treatment Of Uncomplicated Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal Sinus Disease
  • Comparison Of Recurrence Of Anal Fissure In Patients Treated With Bitulinum Toxin Injection Versus Glyceryl Trinitrate:A Randomized Control Trial.”
  • A 50 seating capacity lecture theatre equipped with multimedia and audiovisual support.
  • Presentation of Postgraduate Residents on weekly basis on novel surgical aspects
  • Weekly Class Of House Surgeons And Postgraduate Residents
  • Monthly mortality and morbidity meeting.
  • Journal club discussion on monthly basis.