Vice Chancellors Message

I am honored to step into the educational leadership of the King Edward Medical University.  As it Vice Chancellor, I will strive to maintain the tradition of strong, insightful, and forward-thinking leadership of my predecessors.

While the challenges and research opportunities in the future will be decidedly different from those faced by the university`s previous leaders, but the principles of dedication to outstanding high-impact science, community participation, accountability, and transparency in the decision-making process will guide my vision for the university

As its Vice Chancellor, I am capable of fully embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and take this as unique opportunity to help shape the future of the medical education and research in my country and will work hard to further vitalize the University by enfolding new and exciting areas of growth and development particularly in Clinical Informatics and Data Sciences.

As a Vice Chancellor, I envision to:

  • Provide Academic and Scientific leadership for the University.
  • Promote scientific inquiry and discovery to generate new knowledge, Identify promising pathways, pursue novel targets, develop innovative diagnostics, and design effective interventions that bring hope and health to the human condition.
  • Create opportunities to understand how human health is affected by Medical Education and Research and how this knowledge can be used to reduce morbidity, improve quality of life, and extend longevity.
  • Modernize and Standardize Induction, Training ,Monitoring and Evaluation in the Under and post graduate programs of the university
  • Create a forum for open and ongoing communication between the University and both the public and scientific communities to identify areas for programmatic development, to fully evaluate a problem or opportunity, and to enhance public and scientific awareness of the problem and find a solution, and, when appropriate, coordinate these activities with programmatic efforts with other National and International universities
  • Foster the development of programmatic, interdisciplinary research with the Mechanical ,Electrical , Textile  and Environmental Science Industry of Pakistan and support the development of   research careers in these fields
  • Work with the other institutes like NIH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other relevant scientific institutes to coordinate scientific and training programs.
  • Serve as a spokesperson of the University to the Government in Medical Education and Science

I believe that the University will benefit from my perspective as an active Surgeon–Scientist. The reasons for this are simple and straightforward, I enjoy patient care and research, I see these activities as part of my identity, and throughout my career my research has been driven and inspired by taking care of patients with complex and unexplainable illnesses.

I am very excited about my role in the future with the University and am fully committed to serving as its Vice Chancellor. I have decided to take on this responsibility because of my long-standing commitment to Medical education and patient care and my firm belief in our collective responsibility to advance society. With the Blessings of Allah Almighty, I look forward to the work ahead with ALTAPETE as my motto and the ALUMINI of King Edward Medical University as my guiding light.

Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ayyaz
Diploma in Minimal Invasive Surgery(France)(Vice Chancellor, KEMU)