West Medical Ward

Prof. Tariq Waseem

Professor of Medicine
KEMU Mayo & Albert Victor Hospital Lahore.
Consultant Physician & Cardiologist
Email : proftariqwaseem@kemu.edu.pk

Prof. Tariq Waseem

West Medical Ward or Sialkot Ward proudly shares a long history of healthcare and medical education with its parent institutes Mayo Hospital and King Edward Medical University (KEMU) Lahore. Established in 1863 Mayo Hospital Lahore is one of the oldest Medical institutes of Northern India. The unit has been headed by Legendary physicians over past 150 years and has trained thousands of physicians who have served ailing humanity all over the globe.

We aim to provide quality training to Medical undergraduates of KEMU (MBBS), 4 years Master in Medicine (MD) of KEMU & Fellows in Medicine (FCPS) for CPSP. Our faculty also teaches subject of Medicine to students Doctor of Physiotherapy program of KEMU. The best available patient care is provided through a dedicated team of house physicians, residents and consultants. Our Nursing Staff takes care of the sick with compassion.

West Medical Ward

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Dr Adil Iqbal MBBS FCPS Assistant Professor dradil10@hotmail.com
Dr Rabia Rathore MBBS FCPS Assistant Professor doctorrabia77@gmail.com
Dr Nasir Farooq Butt MBBS FCPS Assistant Professor nasirfarooq75@gmail.com
Dr Bilal Aziz MBBS FCPS MD Gastroenterology Senior Registrar bilal156@yahoo.com


Dr Hassaan Mehmood MBBS FCPS Senior Registrar hassanmahmood166@gmail.com
Dr Tazeen Nazar MBBS FCPS Senior Registrar tazeen79@hotmail.com
Dr Mariam Azeem MBBS FCPS Senior Registrar doctor_bulbul2001@hotmail.com
Dr Amtiaz Ahmad MBBS FCPS Senior Registrar amtiaz202@yahoo.com
Dr Hina Lateef MBBS FCPS Senior Registrar hinalatif2011@gmail.com

Teaching faculty comprises of well-trained medical educationists with vast experience of teaching. Well-designed training programs both for undergraduates and postgraduates including Journal Club once weekly and Clinico-Pathological Conference once weekly are being followed and continuously reviewed and updated. Mortality Meetings fortnightly also provide a good Feedback to guide us improve our services in terms of Patient-care. We follow a strict schedule regarding Mock Exams twice every year for both FCPS and MD Trainees.

  • An unusual cause of Acute Abdominal Pain in Dengue Fever Article by Dr Tariq Waseem Dr Bilquis Shabbir Dr Hina Lateef American Journal of Emergency Medicine
  • Comparison Of CRP in Hypertensive VS Normotensive patients Dr Faisal under supervision of Dr Bilquis Shabbir
  • Association of Level of uric acid with proteinuria in type 2 Diabetics Vs non-diabetic Patients Dr Hina Lateef under supervision of Dr Adil Iqbal
  • Frequency of Hypomagnesaemia in diabetics & comparison of mean magnesium levels in Nephropathic diabetic VS non-diabetic patients Dr Mariam Azeem under supervision of Bilquis Shabbir
  • Frequency Of Depression in Patients Of Hepatitis B & C Dr Jehangir Ahmed under Supervision of Dr Tariq Waseem
  • Role Of Montelukast in prevention of Dengue Shock Syndrome Dr Amtiaz Ahmad under Supervision of Dr Tariq Waseem

Other Publications

  • Frequency of hypomagnesaemia and its relations with HbA1c in diabetics
  • Efficacy of allopurinol in LVH
  • Role of Montelukast in prevention of dengue shock syndrome.
  • Comparison effect of prolo9nged use of histamine receptor antagonist and proton pump inhibitors on serum iron level in patients of functional dyspepsia
  • Gamma GT as a predictor of SVR in patients receiving interferon and ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C.
  • Efficacy of Magnesium Sulphate in patient presenting with tetanus.
  • Correlation between HbA1c and average glucose in type II diabetes mellitus patients with CKD.
  • Frequency of depression in patients of hepatitis B and C.
  • Role of Calcitriol on protein urea in type II diabetes.
  • Effect of low dose zinc in reducing MELD score in decompensated chronic liver disease due to hepatitis C and B.

Sialkot Ward is a 58 bedded medical unit which also includes 4 High Dependency Unit (HDU) beds. We have two out-patient clinics per week and 36 hours emergency on call per week. There is a 1 in 4 rota of special Sunday emergency. There is Biometric System of attendance in the ward. Our ward owns its own website: www.wmwkemu.com

Our consultants provide Weekly Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy in co-ordination with central endoscopic unit and facilities of regular Echocardiography in our procedure room along with Spirometry for Pulmonary Function Tests. The facility of Heart-Lung Labs in co-ordination with other departments, we aim to provide proficient approach to serve our patients. Equipped with Cardiac Monitors and Ventilator for assisted Ventilation along with Bi-Pap and C-Pap facilities and Merit policy for Zakat funds, our ward takes special interest to provide quality services to admitted-patients on basis of Triage.