Prof. Dr. Farhana Sajjad
MBBS, MPhil Anatomy, CMT

Chairperson & HOD Department of Anatomy & Histology
Phone: +92-42-99211145-53 Ext: 191

Prof. Farhana Sajjad


The Department of Anatomy being an integral and basic unit of the University is as old as King Edward Medical College, Lahore itself, being established in 1860. After the construction of Farid Kot Block, in 1882, Anatomy Department was immediately shifted therein.
Many illustrious Professors, who have been the real architects of King Edward Medical College, Lahore headed this Department. Prof. M. A. Siddiqui, Prof. Fakhar-ud-Din, Prof. M. Afzal, Prof. M. Tahir, Prof. T.S. Abidi, Prof. Naseem Feroze, Prof. Atiya Khalid & Prof. Dr. Raafea Tafweez are some of the incumbents to the chair of Anatomy. At present, the department is headed by Prof. Dr. Farhana Sajjad. Prof. T.S. Abidi was a pioneer in starting a Postgraduate Degree of M.Phil in 1980. On acquiring the status of University in December 2006, the Anatomy department remained actively involved in imparting knowledge to the M.D/M.S, M.Phil & Ph.D. students of various disciplines. Ph.D. program was launched in 2010. The anatomy department of KEMU was the first to start FCPS Anatomy Program in Lahore in 2014.

List of Faculty Members
Prof. Dr. Farhana SajjadProfessor & HODMBBS, MPhil Anatomy,CMT
Dr. Hafiz Moeen-ud-DinAssociate ProfessorMBBS,MPhil Anatomy, CMT
Dr. M. Shahid AkhtarAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MPhil Anatomy
Dr. Sarah KhanAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MPhil Anatomy, PhD Scholar
Dr. Arieba HaiderAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MPhil Anatomy, PhD Scholar,CMT
Dr. Sania AsifAssistant ProfessorMBBS,MPhil Anatomy, CMT,PhD Scholar
Dr. Nadia HaqAssistant ProfessorMPhil Anatomy, FCPS Anatomy
Dr. Sadia Saqib KhanAssistant ProfessorMPhil Anatomy, FCPS Anatomy
Dr. M.Oneeb SaleemiDemonstratorMBBS
Dr. Saira SalmanDemonstratorMBBS, FCPS Anatomy
Dr. Syed Shabeeh RubabDemonstratorMBBS, FCPS Anatomy
Dr. Warisha IftikahrDemonstratorMBBS, FCPS Anatomy
Dr. Syed Kashif AliDemonstratorMBBS
Dr. Maria SaleemDemonstratorMBBS,MPhil Anatomy
Dr. Iram AttaDemonstratorMBBS,MPhil Anatomy
Dr. Tooba InamDemonstratorMBBS,MPhil Anatomy
Dr. Ayesha KhalidDemonstratorMBBS,MPhil Anatomy

We have a vast Dissection Hall equipped with all the necessities for undergraduate and postgraduate training. Mortuary & Embalming facilities and bone preparation modalities are so well established that they are catering for the needs of most of the medical colleges in Punjab.
In the spacious lecture theatre of department, medical knowledge is imparted to a class of 330 or more students through audio / visual aids. We have a well-equipped Histology Laboratory with all the facilities for conducting histology practicals for MBBS, BDS, DPT, M.Phil, PhD and FCPS students. The facilities of this laboratory are also used for preparing slides for histological study and carrying out various research projects.


Postgraduate Programmes
• M.Phil
• Ph.D

Undergraduate Programmes
• BDS.
• B.Sc (Allied Health Sciences)

Professional Program LevelNo. Of StudentsList Of Subjects Taught In Each ProgramNo. Of Hrs. Taught In Large ClassNo. Of Hrs. Taught In  Small Groups.No. Of Hrs. Taught In Each Subject In Practical
  Undergraduate Program
MBBS Graduate Degree (1st Year)335General Anatomy, Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology,4 hrs/ week
Total 93hrs
18 hrs/ week
Total 93hrs
11 hrs /week
Total 341hrs
MBBS Graduate Degree (2nd  Year)335Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Neuro Anatomy4 hrs/ week Total 93hrs18 hrs/ week
Total 124hrs
10 hrs/ week
Total 310 hrs
BDS Graduate Degree110General Anatomy, Gross Anatomy of Head & Neck, Embryology, Histology,

Neuro Anatomy

11 hrs per week3 hrs/ week
Total 93hrs
B.Sc Allied Health Sciences150General Anatomy, Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology,

Neuro Anatomy

Selected topics in 04 week22 hrs in 02 week
Doctors of Physiotherapy 1st Year45General Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Upper Limb, Lower Limb,6 hrs per week2 hr per week
Total 62hrs
Doctors of Physiotherapy 2nd Year45Head & Neck, Gross Anatomy of Thorax, Abdomen Pelvis, Neuroanatomy6 hrs per week1 hr / week
Total 62 hrs


  • Dr. Nabila Kaukab
  • Dr. Mah Jabeen Muneera
  • Dr. Sarah Khan
  • Dr. Sobia Ibrahim
  • Dr. Sania Asif


  • Dr. Iqbal Javed
  • Dr. Atif Ali Syed
  • Dr. Maleeha Shahid
  • Dr. Ayesha Saleem
  • Dr. Mehak Shafiq
  • Dr. Ali Qamar
  • Dr. Ayesha Raheem
  • Dr. Ayesha Rahman
  • Dr. Anum Farooq
  • Dr. Humaira Bibi


  • Dr. Muhammad Oneeb Saleemi
  • Dr. Tooba Jalees
  • Dr. Fatima Mazhar

Dr. Mah Jabeen:
“Effects of Metformin on Regenerative Potential of Human Mesenchymal stem cells.”

Dr. Nabila Kaukab:
“Association of Susceptibility loci in denndia, LHCGR and C9rof 3 with Polycystic ovarian syndrome in Pakistani Population.”

Dr. Maleeha Shahid:
“Effect of Automobile spray paints and wall brush paints on nuclei of Buccal Mucosal cells of Professional painters.”

Dr. Atif Ali Syed:
“Pesticides induced Genotoxicity in Farmers of Southern Punjab as indicated by frequency of Micronuclei.”

Dr. Iqbal Javed:        
Effects of simultaneous use of retinol and lavender oil on guinea pig skin a morpho histometric study.”

Dr. Oneeb Saleemi:  
Assessment of fetal growth status by ultrasonographic biometrical parameters during 14-42 weeks of gestation.

Dr. Mehak Shafiq:
“Histomorphological changes induced by Aloe vera gel on ovaries of multiparous rats.”

Dr. Ayesha Saleem: 
“Morphological and Histological effects of allethrin based vaporizer fumes versus mosquito coil smoke on respiratory tract of albino mice.”

Dr. Ayesha Raheem:
Comparison of gastro protective effects of Vit.C+E on Aspirin induced gastic ulcer versus omeprazole.”

Dr. Ayesha Rahman:
“Protective role of olive oil in PPD induced kidney damage in Albino rats.”

Dr. Ali Qamar:          
“Cytotoxic and cytogenetic damage to the oral mucosa of e-cigarette smokers versus conventional cigarette smoker. A comparative Analysis.”

Dr. Anum Farooq:
Protective effect of coenzyme Q10 on vitamin D3 induced cardiotoxicity on adult albino rats.

Dr. Tooba Jalees:
“Cytomorphological changes in oral exfoliative cells of buccal mucosa due to maintenance inhalational therapy for asthma.”


Departmental Extension

  • Anatomy Lecture Theater was thus renovated in 2015 because of the increase in number of students benefiting from Anatomy department the capacity was insufficient the capacity was increased to accommodate up to 450 students.
  • Dissection hall was also renovated the same year. The roof was reconstructed including modification of ventilation system. Special modern techniques were employed to preserve & reconstruct the historical drawings in the floor of dissection hall.

Special Features

  • Anatomy Learning & Research Center (established in March 2007)