Prof. Dr. Saqib Sohail
MBBS, M.Phil.

Chairman and Professor of Physiology Department

Prof. Dr. Saqib Sohail

Prof. Dr. Saqib Sohail

Physiology Department established in “Bahawalpur Block” in 1916 of King Edward Medical University is educating M.Phil. , MBBS, BDS, DPT and other disciplines under the supervision of PROF.DR.SAMIA JAWED efficiently. The teaching faculty includes the professor, One Associate Professors, Four Assistant Professors, and eight Demonstrators. The level of education for all the disciplines is maintained efficiently by implementation of concepts, skills, advance Knowledge and teaching methods. The computer lab (KEMCAANA) is also situated in the same department .Many research projects are in progress in our department. The departmental representation in extra-curricular activities is also marked. The department is working hard to fulfill requirements in teaching and training the students who can lead the race of medical profession.

List of Faculty Members

Sr. No.

Name Designation Qualification


Prof. Dr. Samia Jawed Chairperson of Department MBBS, M-Phil, P-hD Scholar


Dr. Imrana Ihsan Associate Professor MBBS, M-Phil, P-hD Scholar


Dr. Amna Tahir Assistant Professor MBBS, M-Phil,


Dr. Syed Muhammad Zubair Assistant Professor MBBS, M-Phil,


Dr. Rana Khurram Aftab Assistant Professor Bsc.,MBBS,DHRM,MPH,MBA,MPhil


Dr. Muhammad Shahid Saeed Assistant Professor MBBS, M-Phil (KEMU)


Dr. Avais Ahmad Sr. Demonstrator MBBS, M-Phil Scholar


Dr. Javed Hassan Sr. Demonstrator MBBS, M-Phil Scholar


Dr. Syed Mubashir Abbass Sr. Demonstrator MBBS, M-Phil Scholar


Dr. Rana Khurram Aftab Sr. Demonstrator MBBS, M-Phil Scholar


Dr. Asma Tehrrem Kazi Demonstrator MBBS, M-Phil Scholar


Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Sultan Demonstrator MBBS
 13 Dr. Rehab Habib Demonstrator MBBS, M-Phil Scholar

The following under-graduate teaching programmes are being catered:

  • MBBS 1st & 2nd Year of the five years programme
  • BDS     1st year of their four years teaching programme
  • Doctorate in Physiotherapy (DPT) 1st & 2nd year of five years teaching programme.
  • DPT 1st year of four years teaching programme.
  • 1st Module of the Allied Health Sciences Graduate Programme.
  • 1st Basic Module of Ophthalmic Technician 2year programme


The following post graduate courses are being conducted in the Physiology Deptt.

  • MPhil leading to PhD in physiology, 5 scholars enrolled for the current session.
  • MPhil Physiology 4 years programme 3 Scholars working on their theses, after completing their part I
  • PhD in Physiology, one scholar already M.Phil degree holder is working on her thesis for PhD.



The following programmes of various subjects come to this department for their basic modules or part one of their studies:

  • MD/ MDS
  • MS
  • MPhil leading to PhD
  • Diploma Courses


In 2013 Prof. Dr. Faisal Masood worthy Vice Chancellor, KEMU decided to introduce Module system for MBBS class.

The following modules are being implemented for MBBS class.

  1. Cell Physiology
  2. Respiratory System
  3. Cardiovascular System
  4. Renal Physiology
  5. Gastrointestinal System


  • Regular conduction of Seminars weekly for MBBS classes.
  • Twice weekly Tutorial classes for MBBS.
  • Four teams have been made among the teaching staff each led by senior faculty member for conduction of tutorial and seminars.


 The following research is being undertaken at the department currently under the supervision of the Head of the Department:-

  • Family history and obesity as early indicators of hypertension in young adult(Prof Dr Samia Jawed,Dr Shahid Saeed)
  • Systemic inflammation in healthy smoker is detected by increased white cell count and relationship to spirometric findings.(Prof Dr Samia Jawed,Dr Shahid Saeed)
  • Brain stem auditory evoked potential in diabetes mellitus.(Dr. Javed Hassan)
  • Role of intravenous Magnesium Sulphate in acute severe attack of asthma.(Dr. Shahid Saeed)
  • Comparison of EEG findings, Prolactin and  CPK levels in Grand Mal Epilepsy and pseudo seizures.(Dr. Avais Ahmad)
  • Comparison of estimation of Hb by Sahli’s Method & Automated Method.(Dr. Mehr un Nisa.)
  • FEV1 / FEV Ratio in young adults with parental history of asthma.(Dr. Mehr un Nisa)
  • Role of brain naturetic peptide BNP in diagnosis of inducible stable angina pectoris.(Dr. Ansar Asrar)
  • Effects of obesity on lung functions in adults.(Dr. Sabah Usman)
  • Intraocular Pressure, Centrnal corneal thickness & serum electrolytes in hypertensive and non hypertensive subjects.(Dr. Rehab Habib)
  • Comparison Of Markers Of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease In Insulin Resistant And Non-Insulin Resistant Obese Patients(Dr. Bensah Altaf)
  • Insulin Resistance And Tnf Alpha In Females Of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(Dr. Asma Tahreem Kazi)
  • Correlation between fasting blood glucose and thyroid function tests in patients of Type 2 diabetes mellitus(Dr. Rana Khurram Aftab)
  • Serum Levels Of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha And Insulin Resistance In Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus(Dr. Farhat Ijaz)
  • Massive renovation of the laboratories and office rooms as was highly needed was immediately undertaken.
  • The experimental lab, the conference room and the library room were totally revamped.
  • KEMCAANA (King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America) was approached to help, by donating machinery & equipments for the under-graduate and post-graduate research labs, and they have promised a great deal of help.
  • Extension of Lecture Theater.
  • Conversion of KEMCAANA Lab and Demonstrators Room into Mini Lecture Theaters/ Demonstration Room
  • Renovation of Labs and Department.
  • Renovation of Research Lab with fully Equipment’s.
  • Digital Network Library
  • Establishment of Library Room.