Prof. Dr. Aamir Mahmood Ijaz
MBBS, MS Thoracic Surgery
Head of the Department /
Chairman Thoracic (Chest) Surgery
King Edward Medical University, Lahore.

Prof. Dr. Aamir Mahmood Ijaz

Thoracic surgery is one of the oldest surgical specialties, which was established in 1959 in Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Keeping in view the importance of this specialty, thisunit was converted into a teaching unit.Hence the first teaching unit of Thoracic Surgery” in the province was created in 1995 at King Edward Medical College, Lahore, which is being headed by Dr. Aamir M. Ijaz since its creation.

Over a period of time, this specialty has gained its importance globally, as it has   reduced the incidence of high mortality and morbidity in chest diseases. The aim of establishing this teaching department was not only to provide specialized treatment to the needy ailing humanity, but also to teach and train increasing number of under and post-graduate students in this field.

Structure and Services

33 bedded unit of Thoracic Surgery has not only two operating days & two OPD days a week, but also gives emergency cover twice a day.

On elective and emergency operation lists, all kinds of Lung surgery, Mediastinal surgery, Esophageal surgery, Diaphragmatic surgery, Pleural surgery, Chest wall surgery, Bronchoscopies, Chest intubations and other procedures of Thoracic surgery are done.

Department of Thoracic Surgery


One of the aims of the unit is to provide specialized surgical treatment to the needy patients. Because of the fast tempo of modern living, increasing violence, technical advances in machines of transport and arms and invention of new diagnostic modalities, the workload of this department has increased many folds not only because of treating chest pathologies but also because of treating increased incidence of chest trauma.

Research Projects

This department is actively involved in research work. In addition to already made research publications by the department, there are a few more research projects in the pipeline too.

Teaching Programme

Apart from imparting knowledge to undergraduates, the subject is taught to post graduates during ward rounds and during regular weekly discussion sessions on different topics of Thoracic Surgery. A once a week meeting is also held between the department of thoracic surgery and department of chest medicine, where options of medical or surgical treatment are discussed for patients with chest diseases.