Dean Faculty of Medicine & Allied Specialties,
Registrar, KEMU,
Professor of Medicine,   
Chairman & Head of Medical Departments,
Head of East Medical Ward / Unit I,
KEMU/Mayo Hospital,

E-Mail: profirshad@kemu.edu.pk
Mobile #: 0321-4598315

Prof. Dr. Irshad Hussain Qureshi


As old as Mayo Hospital itself, East Medical Ward also known as Lyallpur ward, is unit-1 of department of medicine KEMU. Rich in its legacy of outstanding teaching and training, EMW headed by eleven professors since partition; of which seven professors were also principal/Vice Chancellor of the King Edward Medical College/University.
EMW is ruling the medical floor for years, and it has become matter of pride and prejudice for every doctor to work over here. EMW is currently headed by Professor Dr. Irshad Hussain Qureshi. Under his dynamic leadership, EMW is ready to set a new trajectory of excellence and a novel precedent of success. With great efforts of worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud and Prof. Irshad Hussain Qureshi (the Chairman of Medical Floor) EMW is fully renovated centrally Air-Conditioned ward with fully equipped ICU and provision of central oxygen supply on each and every bed of the ward. The renovated ward was inaugurated by the legends of Medicine (Prof. Akhtar Khan, Prof. Khawaja Sadiq and Prof. Mehmood Ali Malik) and its various bays & wings have been named after them in recognition of their priceless contributions to this ward.


With reputation of being the most capacious and well-equipped ward of medicine with dedicated faculty and vigilant team of trainee doctors, EMW is also heading the Central Endoscopy Unit, Diabetic Clinic (supervised by Endocrinologists) and Liver Clinic. EMW is also providing fully functional dialysis unit, fully equipped medical laboratory, Echocardiography and Ultrasonography for admitted patients under one roof.
EMW (having consultants of utmost professional capabilities) is providing Evidence based and up-to-date learning to its undergraduate and post graduate students through ward rounds, bedside case discussions, ward journal clubs, clinico-pathological conferences, Ward Reading Room, Ward Library and clinical audits. With rich past, vibrant present and ambitious future, EMW is a tantamount to an institution per se.

List of Faculty Members
Sr. Name Qualification Designation Email
1 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Afzal MBBS, FCPS, Dip (Diabetes) Associate Professor dr_mna1@yahoo.com
2 Dr. Samar Firdous MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) Associate Professor
3 Dr. Imran Mahfooz Khan MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) Assistant Professor imranmahfuzkhan@hotmail.com
4 Dr. Fawad Ahmad Randhawa MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), FCPS (Endocrinology) Assistant Professor fawadahmadrandhawa@gmail.com
5 Dr. Uzma Malik MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), FCPS (Endocrinology) Assistant Professor uzma.malik@hotmail.com
6 Dr. Sohail Bashir Sulehria MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Aneeqa Mansoor MBBS, MCPS, FCPS Assistant Professor aneeqailyas@hotmail.com
8 Dr. Adnan Ahmad Ch. MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) Assistant Professor dr_adnan_ch@yahoo.com
9 Dr. Zahid Hussain Shah MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD (Gastroenterology) Assistant Professor zahidhamdani65@gmail.com
10 Dr. Yaser Imran MBBS, FCPS (Med), FCPS (Rheumatology) Assistant Professor
11 Dr. Bilal Rafique Malik MBBS, MD (Medicine)


Assistant Professor drbilalrafiq165@gmail.com
12 Dr. Uneeba Syed MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)


Assistant Professor uneeba.shah@gmail.com
13 Dr. Muhammad Ateeq MBBS Registrar Drateeq203@gmail.com

It hosts state of the art academic facilities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At present, approximately 50 postgraduate doctors are doing their residency in this unit.

Teaching Programs:

Postgraduate Program:

  1. FCPS (Medicine)
  2. FCPS (Gastroenterology)
  3. FCPS (Endocrinology)
  4. FCPS (Rheumatology)
  5. MD (Medicine)
  6. MD (Gastroenterology)
  7. MD (Endocrinology)
  8. MD (Rheumatology)
  9. MRCP

    Undergraduate Program:
  10. 3rdyear MBBS
  11. 4thyear MBBS
  12. Final year MBBS
  13. BDS
  1. Retinal hemorrhages in patient of MI.
  2. Oral versus I/V Vitamin B12 in Type II Diabetes with B12 Deficiency, taking metformin.
  3. Relation of S.ALT/S.AST levels as a predictor of Hepatic Encephalopathy.
  4. Relation of Reciprocal Changes on ECG with Coronary angiogram findings.
  5. Serum Homocysteine levels in patients of acute MI.
  6. Relation of ankle brachial index with the extent of coronary atherosclerosis.
  7. Comparison of causes of ischemic CVA in young vs old.
  8. Spectrum of thyroid dysfunction in Hep. C patients on standard interferon therapy.
  9. Comparison of LDL level in ischemic vs hemorrhagic stroke within 24 hrs.
  10. Combine value of portal vein diameter and splenic size in relation to the grade of esophageal varices.
  11. Correlation of autoimmune nephropathy with severity of CLD.
  12. Association of blood group with type 2 DM.
  13. Comparison of in-hospital and short-term mortality and complications between stress-glycemic and occult diabetic patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome.


  1. The ECG Made Easy, Hampton, John R
  2. Macleod’s Clinical Examination, Douglas Graham
  3. An Aid to The MRCP PACES Vol. 2, Stations 2 And 4, D Banerjee
  4. Clinical Examination A Systemic Guide to Physical Diagnosis Talley, Nicholas Joseph
  5. The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics
  6. 250 Cases In Clinical Medicine Baliga R
  7. Davidson’s Principles & Practice Of Medicine Walker Brain R
  8. Paces For The MRCP With 250 Cases Hall, Tim
  9. Current Diagnosis & Treatment Crawford, Michael H.
  10. An Introduction To Electrocardiography Schamroth, Leo
  11. Radiology In medical Practice Abdullah AMB
  12. ECG In Medical Practice ABM Abdullah
  13. Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment A Papadakis , Maxine
  14. 150 ECG Problems Hampton John R
  15. Hutchison’s Clinical Methods An Integrated Approach To Clinical Practice Glynn, Michael
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  55. Williams Textbook Of Endocrinology Melmed Shlomo
  56. Schiff’s Disease Of The Liver By Schiff Eugene R
  57. Textbook Of Cardiovascular Medicine By MD, Eric J, T

Digital Library:

Facility of digital library with internet connection

  1. Central Endoscopy Unit
  2. Diabetic Clinic
  3. Rheumatology Clinic
  4. Dialysis Unit
  5. Echo-Cardiography & Ultrasonography Unit
  6. Liver Clinic