Prof.Dr. Sajid Abaidullah
B.Sc, MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

Head of the Department
Medical Unit-II

Prof. Sajid Abaidullah


North Medical Ward is the latest addition in the Medical Department of Mayo hospital Lahore. It was created in 1970. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ali was first head of this Unit. At present this ward is headed by Prof. Dr. Sajid Abaidullah who joined it from 20th May 2011. It consists of male & female wards & High Dependency unit / Intensive Care Unit with total bed strength of 60. Currently 1 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professors & 4 Senior Registrars are working in this Unit. There are 43 Postgraduate Trainees / Medical Officers & 39 House officers in the Unit. The Unit handles Medical Emergency patients 36 hours a week & every 4th Sunday and offers OPD services twice weekly & a High Dependency Unit round the clock.


List of Faculty Members



Prof.Dr. Sajid Abaidullah Professor & Head of DepartmentB.Sc, MBBS, FCPS
Dr. Somia IqtadarAssociate Professor & Chairperson DEAGMBBS,FCPS,DEPCAM
Dr. Sidrah LodhiAssistant ProfessorMBBS,FCPS
Dr. Mian Sajjad AhmadAssistant ProfessorMBBS,FCPS
Dr. Zafar NiazAssistant ProfessorMBBS, FCPS
Dr. Muhammad Kamran YousafAssistant ProfessorMBBS,FCPS
Dr. Sami Ullah MumtazAssistant ProfessorB.Sc, MBBS, FCPS
Dr. Ali Asad KhanAssistant ProfessorB.Sc, MBBS,FCPS
Dr. Talha MunirAssistant ProfessorMBBS,FCPS
Dr. Mohsin MasudSenior RegistrarB.Sc, MBBS,FCPS
Dr. Nauman DawoodSenior RegistrarMBBS,FCPS


1.Dr. Raja Nohman Akhter2.Dr. Asad Kamal
3.Dr. Yasir Shafi4.Dr. Rana Shahzad
5.Dr.Zafar Iqbal6.Dr.Zafarullah
7.Dr. Saqib Iqbal (Registrar)8.Dr. Sadia Dawood
9.Dr. Fatima Irfan10.Dr. Majid Manzoor
11.Dr. Sadaf Mehfooz.Ur.Rehman12.Dr. Sum.e.Rubab
13.Dr. Shahroz Azhar14.Dr. Faisal Ishfaq
15.Dr. Fariha16.Dr.Gul Fatima
17.Dr. Mirrah Mushtaq18.Dr. Izzah Javed
19.Dr. Amal Tahir20.Dr. Adnan Bashir
21.Dr. Sumbal Nadeem22.Dr. Ayesha Ramzan
23.Dr. Sibgha Kanwal24.Dr. Anum Farooq
25.Dr.Sajjad Ahmed26.Dr. M.Tayyab Shera
27.Dr. Alina Ikram28.Dr.Shafaq Faryal
29.Dr.Abdullah Adil30.Dr.Azam
31.Dr Sadia Ambreen32.Dr.Adnan Bashir
33.Dr.Sundus Rauf34.Dr.Fatima
35.Dr.Adnan Malik36.Dr Wajid Malik
37.Dr.Romana38.Dr.Imran Liaqat
39.Dr.Saman Rehman40.Dr.Altaf Hussain
41.Dr.Mahrukh42.Dr.M.Shahzad Gull
43.Dr.Usman Ali



  1. Amina Rehman FCPS
  2. Humaira Mubeen Afzal FCPS
  3. Faisal Masood MD
  4. Khalid Khan MRCP
  5. Farooq Shabbir MD


  1. FCPS ( Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology )
  2. MRCP
  3. MD
  4. Clinical Rotations from the Medicine Sub-Specialties


  1. Final Year M.B;B.S
  2. 4th Year M.B;B.S
  3. 3rd Year M.B;B.S
  4. 2nd Year M.B;B.S
  5. 1st Year M.B;B.S
  6. B.D.S
  7. Physiotherapy


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  1. Acute Medical emergencies & out-patient cases are admitted & managed.
  2. State of the art High Dependency / Intensive care facilities available.
  3. State of the art Upper & Lower GI Endoscopic facilities available twice a week. (Monday & Friday)
  4. Procedures like sclerotherapy and band legation are carried out as necessary.
  5. Bronchoscopy is carried off in patients on demand basis.
  6. The unit not only caters for its admitted and out patients but entertains call for other departments.
  7. Regular teaching is carried during these procedures to the attending Post Graduate Trainee and house officer on duty in the section.


  1. Indoor Bedside learning during clinical rounds on daily basis.
  2. Journal Club/Clinical guidelines classes are conducted every Monday.
  3. Clinical Methods class is conducted on every Friday.
  4. Mortality & Morbidity Conference is conducted on every Tuesday.
  5. Monthly Clinical evaluations are carried out on regular basis at the end of every month.
  6. This excellent teaching program has raised the unit at TOP MERIT amongst the the recent inductions of House Officers & PGRs.


       Best House Officer & PGR Award is given at the end of every month on the basis of performance, hard work, behavior and clinical evaluation score.

  1. Contact Number :- +92-42-9211100-9 Ext 331
  2. Email Address:-