Honorable Chancellor, KEMU / Governor of the Punjab.
Honorable Pro-Chancellor, KEMU / Minister for Health, Punjab.
Honorable Justice, Shehram Sarwar Ch, Lahore High Court, Lahore.
Prof. Mahmood Ayaz, Vice Chancellor, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Ijaz Hussain, Pro-Vice Chancellor/ Chairman Department of Dermatology, KEMU, Lahore.
The Chairman or Representative, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.
The Chairman or Representative, Punjab Public Service Commission, Lahore.
The Secretary, Govt. of the Punjab, SHC&ME, Department, Lahore.
The Secretary, Govt. of the Punjab, Finance Department, Lahore.
The Secretary, Govt. of the Punjab, Higher Education Department, Lahore.
Prof. Dr. (R) Zafar Ullah Chaudhary, Professor of Emeritus
Prof. Dr. (R) Akmal Laeeq Chishti, Professor of Emeritus
Prof. Dr. (R) Khalid Masud Gondal, Professor of Emeritus
Chairman Standing Committee on Heath, Provincial Assembly of  Punjab
Parliamentary Secretary Health, Govt. of the Punjab
Prof. Shahzad Shams, Dean, Faculty of Surgery and Allied Specialties / Chairman Department of Neurosurgery, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Muhammad Imran, Dean Faculty of Medicine & Allied Specialties / Chairman Department of Medicine, KEMU, Lahore.
-, Dean, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences / Chairman Department of Surgery, KEMU Lahore.
Prof. Nakhshab Ch, Dean, Faculty of Basic Sciences / Chairman Department of Biochemistry, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Saira Afzal, Dean, Faculty of Preventive & Public Health/ Chairperson Department of Community Medicine, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Nabila Riaz, Dean Nursing / Chairperson Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Muhammad Moin, Chairman / Professor of Ophthalmology. KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Zohra Khanam, Chairperson / Professor of Obstt & Gynae, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Muhammad Haroon Hamid, Chairman / Professor Department of Paed. Medicine, KEMU.
Prof. Ahsan Numan, Chairman / Professor Department of Neurology, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Muhammad Anees, Chairman / Professor Department of Nephrology, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Zahra Ishrat, Chairperson Department of Anesthesia, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Taimoor Latif Malik, Chairman / Professor Department of ENT, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Saqib Sohail, Chairman / Professor Department of Physiology, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. M. Mustehsan Bashir, Chairman Department of Plastic Surgery, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Farhana Sajjad, Chairperson / Professor Department of Anatomy, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Muhammad Iqbal, Chairman / Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Irfan Azmat Ullah Khawaja, Chairman / Professor of Cardiac Surgery, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Fawad Nasrullah, Chairman / Professor of Urology, KEMU, Lahore
Prof. Ali Madeeh Hashmi, Chairman / Professor of Psychiatry, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Imran Waheed, Chairman / Professor of Cardiology, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Ambreen Hamid, Chairperson / Professor of Pathology, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Saima Ameer, Chairperson / Professor of Radiology, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Yar Muhammad, Chairman Department of Emergency Medicine, KEMU, Lahore.
Prof. Muhammad Sharif, Chairman Department of Paed. Surgery, KEMU, Lahore.
Dr .Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi, HOD Chest Surgery, KEMU.
Dr. Moneeb Ashraf, HOD Pharmacology, KEMU.
Dr. Abbas Khokhar, HOD Oncology, KEMU.
Dr. Riasat Ali, HOD Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, KEMU
Prof. Abrar Ashraf Ali, Professor of Surgery / Director Medical Education Department / Director New Campus KEMU, Lahore.
The Medical Superintendent, Mayo Hospital, Lahore.
The Medical Superintendent, Lady Willingdon Hospital, Lahore.
The Medical Superintendent, Lady Aitchison Hospital, Lahore.
The Medical Superintendent, Nawaz Sharif Hospital, Yakki Gate, Lahore.
The Medical Superintendent, Kot Khawaja Saeed Teaching Hospital, Lahore.
The Medical Superintendent, Govt Said Mitha Teaching Hospital, Lahore.
The Medical Superintendent, Govt Mian Munshi Teaching Hospital, Lahore.
Mr. Qasim Amin, Director P&D, KEMU, Lahore.
Muhammad Tariq Arfan, Director IT, KEMU Lahore.
Muhammad Shafiq, Director Admin, KEMU Lahore.