The Library of King Edward Medical College came into existence in 1860 When the Lahore Medical School started functioning in artillery Barracks at the present Site of the Government College. When the college moved to the present building the Library also shifted to the present building of King Edward Medical College.

The first college day was held on the 5th of November 1888 in the college Library hall.
The library has continuously been improved not only as a collection of books, but also as an instrument for the assistance of study and research. The library has acquired and developed variety of resources to support the Teaching and research programs offered at King Edward Medical University. They are specific nature of material and requirement of the users. Periodical section is functioning in the Staff Library .The library has been subscribing more the 65 national and international Journals and Magazines in print. The Current issues are displayed on special shelves in the section. Back volumes of the same are bound and shelved separately


The Library is situated at Main Patiala Block of King Edward Medical University. The Main library hall is a historic Hall of the city. The size of Hall is 110 feet X 50 feet. The staff library and Reading Room measuring 30×25 feet. The student section the University library is 30×24 feet in size and the Book Band is 21×15 feet in size. There all are situated at Patiala Block. We have a students Reading Room Above college canteen which have two separate section for Boys & Girls. The size of the boys section is 52×28 feet & Reading Room size are 20×15 feet & 20×12 feet. The Timing of the staff library and students Reading Room are:- From 7.30 a.m. to 10.00p.m.

Main Library Hall

We also have the departmental libraries at all medical & surgical floors. We have very good LIBRARIES at Institute of Ophthalmology, Department of Dermatology, Department of Neurology, Department of Orthopedics, Department of Pediatrics and at the Department of Urology.

At present the collection of books is more the 50279. The number of Reference books on different medical subject are 3923. We have Text Books on all Medical subjects. The library have the following number of Text Books on each subject:


Sr. No Subject Total Nos.

1. Anatomy 2735

2. Physiology 2670

3. Biochemistry 460

4. Pharmacology 2050

5. Forensic Medicine 569

6. Pathology 2340

7. Community Medicine 3319

8. Medicine 7218

9. Pediatrics 1935

10. Cardiology 1115

11. Surgery 5920

12. ENT 915

13. EYE 1020

14. Neurosurgery& Plastic surgery 480

15. Neurology 610

16. Obstetric & Gynecology 1670

17. Anesthesia 615

18. Orthopedics 1370

19. Cancer 935

20. Radiology 765

21. Urology 1230

22. ATLASES 1127

23. MCQ’S 5169

24 Pediatric Surgery 119


1 The Lancet
2 British Journal of surgery
3 British Medical Journal
4 Surgical Clinics of North America
5 Medical Clinics of North America
6 Pediatric Clinics of North America
7 American Journal of Cardiology
8 Journal of Pediatric Surgery
9 British Journal Of Urology
10 British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology
11 American Journal of Clinical Pathology
12 Annals of Internal Medicine
13 British Journal of Plastic Surgery
14 American Journal of Radiology
15 Thorax
16 American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology
17 International Orthopedics
18 Journal of the American College of Cardiology
19 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
20 The Journal of Bone& Joint Surgery (Combined : American & British)
21 International Journal of Oral and Maxilloficial Surgery
22 Oral Surgery Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology and End
23 British Journal of Oral and maxillofacial Surgery Journal of Anatomy
24 Journal of Anatomy
25 British Journal of Hematology
26 International Journal of Dermatology
27 Dermatologic Clinics
28 Diabetes Care
29 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
30 Orthopedic Clinics of North America
31 Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques
32 Journal of Hand Surgery (American Volume)
33 Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume)
34 The Spine Journal
35 Journal of Neurology
36 Neurology
37 Clinical Gastroenterology and Hapatology
38 Clinical Radiology
39 Gastroenterology
40 Gut
41 Journal of Laryngology Otology
42 Laryngoscope
43 Archives Diseases in Childhood
44 Journal of Pediatrics
45 Pediatrics (American Academy of Pediatrics
46 Journal of Tropical Pediatrics
47 Annals of KEMU
48 The Professional
51 JPDA Dental
52 P J Ophthalmology
53 PODJ Oral Dental
54 ANN of PIMS
55 Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry
56 Pak J of Chest Medicine
57 Pak J of OBS and GYN
58 International J of Otology Rhinology Laryngology
59 JPPS J of Psychiatric Society
60 J of The ARAB Neonatology Forum
61 Bio Medica
62 JPMI Postgraduate Medical Institute
63 RMJ RAWAL Medical Journal


1 T B of Hepatology & Jaun Rodes Jean Picrr
2 Wintrobes Atlas of Clinical Hematology Daugles
3 Rockwood & Green Gractures in Adults CD 2
4 Rockwood & Greens Factures in Adults CD 1
5 Surgery of The Liver Biliary Tract and Pancreas 4th Ed
6 Basic Histology image library 11th Ed Junquire
7 Clinical Pharmacology by Sally S Roach
8 Clinical Oriented Anatomy 5th Ed by Keith L Moore
9 Clinical Anatomy by Systems Richard S Snell
10 Primal 3 D Anatomy 5th Ed 45- DAY Trial
11 Clinical Doppler Ultrasound 2nd Ed Paul L Allan
12 Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery by Conor P Dclan
13 Simbryo and Animated Tour of Human Development Phillipm Ecked
14 Physical Examination and History Taking 9th Ed Bate
15 Diagnostic Hematology by Doych Nguseen
16 Dynamic Human Anatomy by Arthbur F Dolley
17 J B J S Surgical Techniques Video Supplement March200
18 J B J S March 2007


The Library Staff of the King Edward Medical University likely consists of:-

1. Librarian One

2. Assistant Librarian One

3. Senior Clerk One

4. Junior Clerk Three

5. Book Binder One

6. Library Attendants Five

7. Sweepers Two

All WHO Publication are available in the library. It is worth mentioning that the library have about 2000 Books & Journals Published before 1900 A. D. The library provides the access to CD-Rome, microfilms, audio and video cassettes of different surgical procedures. The photocopy facility is also available in the library. Reference service function is to answer the readers questions. It also development in the different fields of medical research to save the precious time of users. The reference tools like Encyclopedias. Dictionaries, Atlases etc are placed in the reference section. The books can be consulted within the library. The library covers all disciplines taught in the King Edward Medical University.

It is also worth mentioning that we have Institutional membership in Digital Library Program of Higher Education Commission. A total number of six (Three English & Three Urdu) newspapers are also subscribed. The library fulfill the information needs of more than 2000 Students, Researchers, Doctors and Teacher. The Reading Room of the library are capable of accommodating about 200 students at a time. The mission of King Edward Medical University Library to support the Educational goals and instructional needs of programs by providing professional Reference services and information resources to supplement classrooms and clinical learning as well as participating the teaching/learning environment of the academic departments , wards and clinical work with goal of contributing to the development of students applied research skills and information competencies.

King Edward Medical University library provides its members with an environment that is conductive not only to academic but also climate change. We manage cleanliness, prompt accessibility as well as healthy air-conditioning. The key objective of these continuous library efforts is to enhance its hard and e- resources and also to improve its services by capitalizing the options extended by the traditional, professional and recent I.T. Applications in the library. This will enhance our archive and current collection potential and will certainly help faculty boost research activities. The annual Budget for the purchase of Books and Journals is Rs.50,00000.

KEMU-Library Management

Regular Staff

1 Chief Librarian One
2 Assistant Librarian One
3 Senior Clerk One
4 Junior Clerk Three
5 Book Binder One
6 Library Attendants Five
7 Sweepers Two

KEMU Staff Library Committee

1 Prof Syed Muhammad Awais (S.I) Chairman Library Committee.
2 Prof Javed Akram Member.
3 Prof Shamshad Rasul Awan Member.
4 Prof Khalid Masood Gondal Member.
5 Mr Saleem Parvez Librarian

KEMU Student Library Club

1. MBBS: One member from each class.
2. BDS: One member from each class.
3. BSc ALLIED HEALTH: One member from each program.
4. BSc NURSING: One member from each program.
5. PB DIPLOMA/MSc: One member from each program.
6. M PHIL: One member from each program.
7. MD/MSMDS: One member from each program.
8. FCPS: One member from each program.


1- Membership

The following shall be entitled to use the library.
a) The Staff of the University and Allied Hospital.
b) Students of the University.
c) Other Doctors as approved by Library Committee provided.

i) They become subscribes to the Student’s welfare fund by paying an annual subscription of Rs.500.
ii) They deposit Rs.500 as security for the return of books.
iii) They agree to replace or make good any book lost of damaged to the satisfaction of the librarian by a security of Rs.500 as deposit only.
iv) A retried teacher of the medical university/college may become a member of the library by deposition of Rs.500 as security.

2-Cataloging System

Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme
A.L.A . Cataloguing Rules

3-Circulation Policy

1- A time limit of 14 days for keeping books is allowed for all member other than Professor, Associate and Assistant who are engaged in teaching.
2- Books required by the Professor if taken out by any other member must be returned on receipt of a notice from the librarian.
3- Borrowers other then professors and Associate and Assistant may renew books issued to them by a formal request to the librarian. The books so renewed will be liable to be recalled if required.
4- Current number of journal shall be kept in the staff reading room and left there till the next issue is received.


1- Student Section/Circulation Section From 7.30 a.m. to 2.30.p.m.
2- Reading Room 7.30. a.m. to 10.00.p.m

Students using the Library